When you first have your children, everyone tells you to make the most of every minute and they’re not wrong. Before you know it your beautiful little cherubs have grown into teenagers with their own minds and you find yourself wondering where the time went.

Hang Loose Adventure – Eden Project

As a mum of younger children, I wanted to make every day count and fill their lives with wonderful memories. The trips to the park & play gyms and organising play dates might be over, but I still want to make the most of every minute so I’m always looking for cool new experiences for them. They’re at an in between age where they want to organise things themselves and have time away from parents and with friends their own age which I fully support and encourage but they still enjoy great experiences and holidays organised by parents too.  

These are some ideas and things my teens love, and I adore making great things happen for them still, alongside their own independence too.

  1. A weekend in London
  2. The Sky Garden in The Shard
  3. Hang Loose at Eden Zip Wire

Good restaurants

Rick Steins Fish Restaurant – Cornwall
Center Parcs – Whinfell Forest
  • Inflatable water parks
Young Persons Driving lessons
  • Holiday destinations such a week all inclusive in a hotel in a gorgeous destination such as Spain, Greece etc
  • A few days in Paris
  • Florida
  •  A photo shoot & Makeover for mum & Daughter
  • A family photoshoot
  • An Indoor Sky dive
  • Music Festivals – these are for organising with friends not parents but I still do all the checks ahead of time to ensure their utmost safety
  • Go to New York
  • Go Jet Skiing
  • Ski trip
  • Help them find their passion such as hobbies, activities at home etc
  • Center Parcs – great whatever age your kids are & a favourite of ours
  • Go Ape
  • Take them to the Theatre
  • Take them to see historical sights in the UK and beyond
  • Get them to start their own website, blog, youtube channel, podcast
  • A cookery course
  • A photography course
  • A family ‘Come Dine With Me’
  • Take them surfing in Cornwall
  • Take them to a new city to shop and have lunch
  • A mum & daughter pamper day, nails, hair, brows & lunch
  • A spa day
  • Go Karting
  • A trampoline park & swimming
  • Theme park day
  • Go to the Harry Potter Tour
  • Let them have friends round whilst you go out for a few hours
  • Go to a drive in Movie
  • A dad & son Golf day
  • A trip to Scotland
  • A trip to a National Park & a family walk
  • Be an audience member on a TV show such as Ninja Warrier
  • Backstage tours of TV shows, Emmerdale, Corrie, BBC
  • Take them to a big sporting event such as Wimbledon, Silverstone
  • X Scape in Castleford
  • Young Persons driving lessons aged 7 – 16
  • A course of driving lessons when 17
  • Beamish Museum County Durham
  • Heavenly deserts restaurant for a sweet treat
  • Book them on an interesting course such as cooking, photography, drama etc
  • Hard Rock Café’s in any major City you visit! A tradition of ours
  • The I’m a Celebrity Jungle Challenge in Media City Manchester
  • Boujee Bar in Manchester with your girly girl – Great for Instagram photographs too
  • Ice skating and Christmas Markets in the lead up to the festive season
Rother Valley Country Park

Plus it’s vital to teach the life skills such as:

  • Teaching them self care, grooming
  • Teach them basic life skills such as house work, money management etc
  • To think of others, charity, be a good friend, grand child  etc etc
  • Push themselves out of their comfort zones
  • Good manners & common sense go a long way!
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