And so, as another lovely Summer comes to an end, I look back at some wonderful experiences my family & I have had and I’m so grateful for all the wonderful people, things & opportunities I have in my life.

September to me is a fresh start, a new term & time to put new plans & goals into action, like another mini New Year.

As I look ahead at the next few months the sheer number of dates in my diary & workload is a little daunting but I’m so excited & positive about everything I can’t wait to get going. 


1. A wonderful & much needed month off work

2. A fabulous week in Tenerife with my husband & kids

3. An amazing annual weekend in London & watching Les Misérables (for about the 11th time I think now!!!)

4. Going to see Universities with Isabelle – how is she old enough?!!!

5. A wonderful meal at Catch in Holmfirth with Tony for our anniversary

6. Lots of lovely days out & lunch dates with friends

7. Booking both our 2023 holiday (a Greek Island Cruise with Royal Caribbean) & our 2024 (The Maldives) – excited already   


Costa Adeje, Tenerife

In August we spent a wonderful week in the gorgeous Costa Adeje resort in Tenerife. With not having had a holiday abroad for 2 years and a very busy & stressful time at work, we just wanted a lovely relaxing family holiday in the sun for some much needed R&R.

Apart from a horrendous flight with Ryan Air (NEVER AGAIN) we had a fabulous week. Adeje is lovely, very modern, very clean and picturesque. We were in the Del Duque area which is quite high end with some amazing hotels, restaurants, bars & shops. Our hotel was lovely but we made a slight mistake going All Inclusive. We’ve done it a couple of times before when the children were younger but we’ve decided we wont be doing it again. There were so many beautiful restaurants in the area that we really wanted to go out to a different restaurant each night. However, the food at our restaurant was good and we still had a lovely time.

We had a lovely Catamaran boat trip on one of the days which was fabulous and lovely to look at the coastline. Another day Tony & I went to the pretty village of La Caletta for lunch which was lovely with some beautiful bars & restaurants.

This part of Tenerife is busy but without the lads holidays & hen do’s of Los Cristianos so much cleaner & more upmarket. They say in Adeje the beaches are white unlike the black beaches in the North of the island but to me they don’t compare with the Balaeric beaches or the Mediterranean which I did miss. They were still lovely all same & the coastline is very picturesque.

I wont rush back to Tenerife but only because we love to travel to new places but it’s somewhere Tony & I will probably go back to in a few years when the kids are older. The most important thing was that we had a wonderful week with quality family time, what could be better?  


Getting my Mojo back!!!

For a while now I’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ a bit, well not quite me anymore. I’m fast approaching 48 and I’ve certainly been noting some peri menopause symptoms but the worst one was not quite being ‘with it or ‘in the room’.

I came back from a lovely holiday &, although I felt well rested, I still felt a bit cross, a bit ugh and just exhausted with quite severely thinning hair. I decided enough was enough and that I was going to do something about it & so I went so see my (fabulous) Dr about the possibility of starting HRT.

Contrary to what you hear about Dr’s not being knowledgeable on the subject from some women, mine was amazing. She talked me through everything in depth, took everything I said with the utmost compassion, and I’ve now just started my HRT journey. I’ve only been on it 4 days so I wont feel any changes for some time but, I’ll be recording my journey as I go along. However, just this one positive step has mentally made me feel much better, knowing I’m taking steps to improve me & my quality of life & getting my ‘mojo’ back. Watch this space!!


Catch Seafood Restaurant Holmfirth

Our wedding anniversary is in August which I love as it’s the month I have off work so I always really look forward to a lovely Summer night out!

For our 19th Anniversary we chose to go to Catch seafood restaurant in Holmfirth.

As it was a Tuesday evening it was fairly quiet so we were seated & served immediately, however, I’ve been at busier times and the service is just as good.

The restaurant has a lovely welcoming & rustic feel to it with a wonderful ambience. Tony ordered the King Prawn Scampi which had come highly recommended & I had the Sea Bass. Both meals were absolutely delicious & the fish perfectly cooked.

If you’re visiting this historic village I highly recommend booking in to Catch, you wont be disappointed.



Tequila Sunrise

Very retro but I was reintroduced to this cocktail on holiday!


  • 2 tsp grenadine
  • ice
  • 50ml tequila
  • 1 tbsp triple sec
  • 1 large orange, or 2 small ones, juiced
  • ½ lemon, juiced
  • 1 cocktail cherry


  • STEP 1

Pour the grenadine into the base of a tall glass and set aside. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the tequila, triple sec and fruit juices. Shake until the outside of the shaker feels cold.

  • STEP 2

Add a few ice cubes to the serving glass then carefully double strain the cocktail into it, trying not to disturb the grenadine layer too much. Add more ice if needed to fill the glass then garnish with a cherry on a stick or cocktail umbrella.



This is a new Netflix comedy series starring Neil Patrick Harris about Michael, a New York City real estate broker who’s stunned when his long term boyfriend moves out & he’s faced with starting over & dating again.

I really enjoyed this light hearted yet often sentimental series & binge watched it it a couple of days. Some great performances & well directed, I will definitely be looking out for season 2 when it arrives on Netflix.  


Everything I know about love – Dolly Alderton

I usually prefer to watch the book first but in this instance it was the TV series I watched first & then read this excellent book. Funny, witty, emotional, cringeworthy, it has everything in it & more besides. Its so well written I could have kept on reading it for ever! Fabulous!


We’ve booked our holidays for 2023 & 2024!!!

A Greek Island Cruise with Royal Caribbean for 2023 & The Maldives for my 50th in 2024! I’m beyond excited already!!!


My lovely holiday has come to an end!!


1. Skinny Tan Self Tan Mousse

2. Neom Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter

3. Whispering Angel Rose Wine

4. Skeletons by Jane Fallon

5. What If? – Lorraine Kelly & her daughter Rosie’s podcast


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