I’ve just returned from a very lovely & very relaxing week in Costa Adeje Tenerife, well, for the most part!!!

It’s been just the 4 of us this time, Tony & I plus our 17-year-old daughter Isabelle & 14-year old son Max.

When you’re on holiday with toddlers & you’re running round the pool after them, needing eyes at the back of your head, you dream of the days you can just lay on your sun-lounger and actually read your book and have a dip in the pool at your leisure. But then before you know it, the years have slipped away before your eyes and you find yourself yearning for those fun times in the pool, sandcastles on the beach & everyone being happy to smile for a family photo. Well I know I certainly do and I’ve had many pangs of nostalgia this holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, I have two gorgeous & fabulous kids who I adore with all my heart but, there have been a few testing times this week. Not with Isabelle, she’s now a 17-year-old girl at college who has her own life at home that, (although she loves us dearly), doesn’t just revolve around us anymore. She’s had a lovely relaxing week, but I know she’s looking forward to getting back home to see her friends & go to Leeds Fest (& not have to share a hotel room with her younger brother!!!).

14-year-old boys however are a different species!!!!!!

Max has a gorgeous heart, let’s get that straight before anything else. He adores his family, home, his mates, his X box, his phone, swimming, eating and everything else a typical teenage boy loves.

However, it’s really only been this week on holiday, when we’ve been together 24/7, that the dreaded teenager has emerged!!!!

Isabelle never really gave us any attitude or trouble worse than a few eye rolls & in the grand scheme of things, compared to other teens I know, Max is a really good lad. Unfortunately he had a bit too much sun on his first day & we’ve not heard the last of it since. So, where I thought he’d be completely happy spending every waking minute in the pool all week, he’s basically spent the first 2 days moaning about his sun burn!!!

Teen boys are definitely on a different planet & I know for a fact, for every family with teenagers, their glossy happy blissful photos on Instagram are not quite telling the whole story.

Every family photo comes with a five minute moan first!!! Every wake up call to go down for breakfast comes with some unintelligible grunting before you eventually get them to arise & every suggestion of anything apart from retreating to their room to go on their phone comes with a look of disdain!!!!

I’m painting it in a bad light as we had a fabulous fun & relaxing week with some precious uninterrupted family time but, a warning for anyone taking teenagers on holiday, grow a thick skin, increase your patience levels & definitely allow them some time on their rooms with their phones!!!

On the flip side, I managed to blissfully read 4 full books whilst sipping cocktails and have as many dips in the pool as I wanted with no interruptions!!! Cheers!

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