As a busy working mum who is a huge people pleaser, it’s often easy to lose yourself a little in the process. Lockdown had many downsides but the one thing it made me, & I’m sure many many others, do was reassess my own life & that I needed to make some changes.

I’m someone who continually felt guilty if I wasn’t constantly working or cleaning, or organising or doing paper work etc etc & if I dared to relax for a minute I had a constant nagging feeling that I should be doing something productive. I still love to be productive, its in my DNA but, I have finally realised the importance of self-care, and if you don’t look after yourself how can you possibly look after others. I run my own business so the work never stops however, on my days off on Fridays & Sundays I would still end up working.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself recently and the one thing I am sticking to is ensuring on Fridays & Sundays are kept for my family, home life, social life & myself and not allowing myself to work, and I’m a much happier person for it.

Nothing makes me happier than a day walking my dog, taking my kids places, pottering in the garden, even housework as its for my family & I and it lifts my spirits.

But it’s my own morning routine that has changed my life on a day to day basis for the better.

I follow a couple of influencers who both seemed to embrace their wholesome morning routines and I knew it was something I needed to do myself for a more rounded, healthier lifestyle & it starts every day off with a positive note and has given me motivation & positivity to go about each day.


I try to get up at 6.30/7 every day which is not ridiculously early by some people’s standards, but it gives me time to start my day calmly before the madness of life gets in the way. Just a few minutes of calm to sit and drink my coffee, outside at the moment whilst the weather is beautiful with my dog by my side is a perfect start to my day.


I’ve juiced in the past from time to time but a few weeks ago, after a bit of an unhealthy eating & drinking period for me, Tony & I decided to do a 3-day juicing plan. We stuck to it and lost a few pounds along with my skin and body feeling more energised. We now Juice every Tuesday to realign our bodies. I love it and I can really feel the benefits.


Every morning I write in my journal 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 goals for the day & 3 things I envisage for the next few days. It reminds me how blessed I am, especially on days when I don’t always feel it, and keeps me focused on attaining small daily goals which keeps me focused and motivated.


I love reading, I love the escapism yet over the past few years I’ve not read as much as I would have liked. One of my New Years Resolutions for 2022 therefore was to read two books per month. But I’ve not just stuck to that, I’ve read around 3-4 books per month and I’m loving it. I’ve also started an Audible subscription so I can listen to books whilst I’m driving. I love to mix it up with novels, true life, autobiographical, self help etc to gain as much knowledge as I can.


A new found love of mine since lockdown. I adore seeing my garden come to life & love seeing fruit & vegetables sprouting through that I’ve grown myself. I find gardening very therapeutic!


I’m so lucky to have beautiful scenery & countryside where I live & taking my adorable Cavachon Dora for our daily morning walks is one of my most favourite parts of my day.


The benefits of this go without saying & daily exercise really is good for the mind, body & soul.


I enjoy my job & our new business greatly & I love having a purpose outside my home & family life, however, my family & our home life will always come first and I take great pride in keeping our home as happy, beautiful, clean, tidy, homely & safe for my family as possible.

I actually enjoy housework, cooking & laundry as I know it’s for my family & I’m creating a wonderful environment for them.


You’re as young as you feel & who says women of a certain age can & can’t wear certain things? That said, I don’t want to wear now what I wore in my 20’s as I wouldn’t feel comfortable, but I do take great pride in my appearance and want to look as young & fresh as I can whilst not dressing too young for my age. I love updating my wardrobe regularly, looking my best makes me feel my best which is a boost to my self-esteem.   


I love affirmations & I have a list of my own that I read daily to keep me positive, motivated & focused for each day ahead.


This really does speak for itself & I feel so much better when I drink more water, especially in the summer months.  


A good skincare routine is something I stick to every morning & night & I never go to bed without taking my makeup off. I always make sure I have an SPF factor 50 on under my foundation every day. I have instilled a good skincare routine into my daughter which I hope she’ll follow all her life.


Podcasts have been such a positive thing for me since lockdown. I listen to people who inspire me daily & I’ve learnt so much about myself, life & self improvement which has been such a positive experience for me. I also decided to subscribe to Audible to help increase my reading as I love listening to books & podcasts whilst I’m driving.


The art of positive thinking is one of the fundamental things I do to improve my life on a daily basis. Of course we all have bad days, that’s life, but trying to see the positive and the good in every situation does wonders to improve my mood and outlook on life. I also practice manifesting, mainly to help with my positive thinking and it helps to keep me focused and centred on my goals when life gets too crazy!


A smile lifts your mood & brightens your day and those around you. What could be better?!!

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