We had a fabulous trip to London in August to watch Les Misérables. Having visited The Shard a couple of times I wanted to take my parents and I’ve found one of the best ways to do it is go for drinks in Oblix bar & restaurant.

You can go to the viewing platform for a price which does take you a couple of floors higher and I’m sure the view is phenomenal. I do however like to add a touch of glamour & occasion to everything we do so my little hack is to book a drinks table at Oblix East on the 32nd Floor. The cocktails are fairly pricey but fabulous & whilst enjoying a delicious cocktail with wonderful service you get to enjoy the amazing view over Tower Bridge & Canary Wharf in luxury, without pushing through the crowds on the viewing platform. To me this is a much classier & enjoyable way to experience The Shard. To take it a step further you can take drinks and afternoon tea in this wonderful, modern restaurant.

At the other side is Oblix West which is a refined Urban Dining Space with a variety of culinary options from Brunch to Dinner.  The views over West London are spectacular.

Last little thing, if you’re like me and ‘judge’ a restaurant in part by its rest rooms you certainly won’t be disappointed here!!!!!


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