It’s often the little everyday things that make our lives that little bit better and run that little bit more smoothly. With a very busy few months ahead, I’ve now got myself back into a good daily routine with some little game changers that I love & help me live my best life.


I absolutely adore interviews with well known people who take my interest or unknown people with an interesting story so Podcasts are right up my street. I got into Podcasts during lockdown whilst on the many many dog walks I went on. I now mainly listen to them whilst driving and I have a few which I listen to every week. I’ve already learnt so much from them and in many ways they’ve helped me grow as a person. I’ve done so much work on myself this past 2 years and I feel so much more positive and confident and I put a lot of this down to the choice of podcasts I listen to & they’ve helped encourage me to get into reading again which is the best educator of all.  


One of my New Years Resolutions this year was to read 2 books per month. I’ve actually ended up exceeding this and I’m absolutely loving getting back into reading again.

One of the main reasons for sticking to this has been Audible.

I’m in my car a lot and, as a dance teacher I listen to music a lot so in the car I prefer to listen to podcasts and now Audible. I wasn’t sure if reading this way would work for me and, if it was classed as reading but, I’m getting just as much from the books as I would if the were in a physical book form or on my kindle &, it means I can read much more as I listen to them whilst reading and getting ready in a morning. It’s definitely worth the £9.99 per month and it’s really awoken my love of reading again.

Glossybox & Birchbox

These monthly subscription boxes have been game changes in many ways. Firstly, I was a bit stuck in my ways with my beauty routine so they’ve allowed me to discover new products which I wouldn’t have known about yet many of them suit me better than products I’ve used for years. Also, I may have been just lucky but, my new boxes always seem to arrive just when I’m running out of something & contain just the product I need. I love the excitement of opening these gorgeous boxes each month & at £11.99 & £12.99 they are also very affordable.  

Daily Gratitude

This really has been a game changer for me! I write down 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 small daily goals & 3 things I envision every morning which sets me off with the right frame of mind for my day. 

Vision Boards

Don’t under estimate a good vision board. As you get older the thought of tearing pictures out of magazines & sticking them on a board may seem a little juvenile, however, with all the fabulous apps available to us now, creating a vision board and making it your screen saver is a fantastic daily reminder of your goals & dreams.


Before I begin every single run I could think of a thousand ways to put it off, I also can’t say I love it when I’m running, BUT, the feeling I have when I finish is fantastic, I’m proud of myself, I feel energised & I know I’m doing something good for my health!!

  Sunday list planning for the week ahead

My To Do List

Food & Meal lists for the week

Household lists

Outfit lists

I’ve always been a list maker & by planning my lists out weekly & prioritising things in order of importance I’m always organised & know exactly what I’m doing each day. I lead a busy life and have a busy family so I need to be on top of everything that needs doing. Having an idea of what outfits I will be wearing each day and planning the family meals for the week helps everything run much more smoothly.

A Water bottle with markers on it

We all know we should drink more water & every morning I start with good intentions but throughout the day I never quite seem to drink enough, especially in Winter. So, I got myself a bottle with markers on which suits my ‘goal orientated’ mind & really helps me to drink more.

My Filofax

Oh my goodness! I literally can’t cope without my Filofax!!! Yes I’m a dinosaur (I do also use the diary on my phone) but I use my Filofax for a diary, my to do list, a lifestyle guide, a habit tracker, birthday reminders etc etc & I LOVE it. It keeps me organised, it keeps me focused, & it keeps me on track every day!

A Garment Steamer

This is a great time saver if I need to quickly get a few creases or crumples out of clothing and don’t want to have to get the ironing board out. These are also fantastic for travelling.

These are just a few things that help my days run smoothly and keep me in the right frame of mind for everything the day throws at me.

‘If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail’

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