Knowing September & early October were going to be very busy & stressful months at work I decided I wanted to go away for the October half term. 

As it happens, it turned out to be a far more stressful period than I anticipated so I was extremely grateful to have booked this time away with my kids.

Unfortunately, Tony didn’t have enough holiday from work so he stayed at home with Dora & the kids & I set off for 5 blissful days away in the gorgeous Balearic Island of Majorca.

I’ve spent so much time with my students recently and my own kids have to share me so often that we all really needed this uninterrupted time together.

We travelled on my birthday which was lovely and arrived by lunchtime after an extremely smooth journey.

We went straight for lunch when we arrived, and I enjoyed a few glasses of celebratory fizz!!

For the 5 days we were there, the weather was simply glorious. I was hoping it would be nice & warm but really wasn’t expecting it to be so wonderful & so hot!!!!

Majorca is a beautiful island which I’ve visited many times before and it never disappoints. I’ve never been to Cala D’Or before & it’s quite different to the other parts of the island due to its gorgeous cove beaches rather than long stretches of beach. Certainly a very pretty part of the Island.

The Marina in Cala D’Or is absolutely beautiful, and we loved sitting in many of the lovely bars & restaurants watching the stunning Yachts. A little train ride takes you around the marina area a few times a day which is a lovely way to have a look around & was perfect in such beautiful weather.

No relaxing break away is complete without spending time at the beach. Our nearest beach was Cala des Pou which is a small & quiet but stunning beach inside a sheltered bay. With its crystal-clear turquoise water & white sand, sitting with a glass of wine at the lovely beach restaurant or sunbathing on the beach was a perfect way to spend the day. Pure bliss!

If we’d been staying longer, I would have hired a car as I’d have loved to visit lots of the other stunning Cala’s (creeks/coves) down the East side of the Island, but I’ll definitely be back to do that.    

It was the end of season so was a little quieter than in the summer which was lovely, and we had a perfect few days of relaxation & sunshine which we all needed.  

A stunning Island that our family will always revisit every few years. It was a wonderful few days away that came at a perfect time for us!

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