New Years Resolutions are often made with every good intention at the start of each New Year then abandoned a week or two into January. This year, instead of unkept promises to myself I decided to make a list of 52 ideas to try a new thing each week, but starting now with Summer inspiration instead of in January. We’re often more inspired in the Spring & Summer when the nights become lighter and the weather improves so I think now is a great time to think of some fab things you’d like to do & achieve this year and next. These are some of my ideas some big some small. Some I’ve already achieved and the rest I’m very excited to do & experience throughout the year.

1. Read more–  I’ve been reading 2 books per month since January

2. Cook recipes from good cookery books – my plan for the summer holidays when I have a bit more time

3. Do an indoor sky dive – done

4. Go to Harry Potter World again- done once and loved it!

5. Go to Center Parcs – our annual trip is always a highlight

6. Save money every week – ongoing

7. Book our summer holiday – done, Tenerife for 2022

8. Book our Florida holiday – moved to 2023

9. Gym 3 times every week – On a mission!

10. Visit Ireland I plan to go in the next few months

11. Take Isabelle & Max to Amsterdam – Isabelle is very interested in Anne Frank – done

12. Do a vision/mood board – loving creating my mood board! Inspiration!

13. Sort all my photo albums – a job for the Summer!

14. Update my kids achievement files & results books – done!

15. File all my paperwork – done!

16. Add to the memory jar from 2016-2022 events

17. Do tough Mudder! – booked to do in July 😁😁😁

18. Climb Snowdon – I plan to do this at some point this year

19. Sip dubonet on a stool – sounds random but it’s a personal thing!

20. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant – done

21. Get an Indian Head Massage – Self care is a necessity not a luxury

22. Play monopoly – family games nights are a great way to spend quality time together!

23. Have a cocktail day out – done many times!!!!

24. Do a gratitude journal – I do this every morning

25. Launch a small business as a side hustle – done –

26. Do a short cookery course – bucket list

27. Watch a classic film I’ve not seen – done

28. Join a book club – I really want to find the time to do this

29. Perform a random act of kindness – ongoing

30. Have a makeover & photo shoot – done

31. Book a family photoshoot – we really need some updated professional family photos

32. Get caricatures done of the kids – I’ve been wanting to get them done for ages

33. Master the art of self confidence -ongoing but definitely improving in my 40’s

34. Donate to charity – ongoing

35. Practice Self Care – ongoing & I’m getting much better at it

36. Get a deep tissue body massage – I really must get this booked!

37. Do our bedroom & turn into a haven – in the process of

38. Go on a mini break to Paris – done via Eurostar last October

39. Take more photographs – doing

40. Go on a Spa day – done (but I love going to spa’s on a regular basis)

41. Visit a clairvoyant – done (this one was a load of rubbish)

42. Get another Michael Kors bag – done

43. Do an online blogging course – I want to improve my skills

44. Have a big de clutter & clear out – doing

45. Update our will – these things are important

46. Go on a long family walk – doing

47. Take Isabelle & Max to a live concert – not quite sure who we’d all like to see

48. Do a creative hobby at home such as cooking, making jams & chutneys, growing vegetables, baking etc – ongoing and loving it

49. Grow my own herb garden – done

50. Host a dinner party – done many times

51. Research my family tree – Isabelle started in lockdown & I want to continue it

52. Find an hour a day for ‘me’ time – doing

You can think of anything big or small such as

A new haircut

Bake someone a birthday cake

Volunteer for a day

Learn Yoga or Pilates

Print up your photos and put in albums

Trace your family tree

Go for a long walk or bike ride

Plant some seeds and grow something either in a window box or garden

Give someone a compliment

Perform a random act of kindness

Join or start a book club

Go to a museum

Go on a picnic (weather permitting)

Learn a new skill

Call someone you haven’t seen in a long time

Play a board game with your family

Donate to a charity

Switch off phones, laptops and technology for a day

Have a major clear out

Go camping

Watch a sunset or sun rise

I hope you’re inspired to try some new things this year. I believe life is about experiencing new things and creating memories with the ones you love.

Leave a comment with some of your ideas too!

Lots of love

Zoe xx

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