50 Quick Beauty Tips & Tricks

  1. Pillowcases in silk or satin are best for your skin and are less likely to cause wrinkles in the long term. These are also better for hair and helps avoid frizziness
  1. A dab of light eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes brightens them, even when you’re feeling exhausted
  1. Put your finger in your mouth and pull out when you’ve just applied lipstick to avoid any excess getting on your teeth
  1. Apply your foundation on your lips too so your lipstick has better staying power
  1. Apply one layer of lipstick, dab some pressed powder on top then apply another layer for longer lasting lipstickIMG_5211
  1. Keep a stock of cotton buds to correct any makeup mistakes
  1. A good dry shampoo is great for giving limp hair a boost in between washes
  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream has multi uses including lip balm, a cuticle balm, a face highlighter & reducing redness in small blemishes
  1. If your makeup becomes shiny throughout the day apply a matting setting spray after applying makeup
  1. Drink lots of water. Age old tip but it works for your complexion to avoid dehydration and flushes toxins out of your body


  1. Get at least 7 or 8 hours sleep per night
  1. Spray a lavender sleep spray on your pillow to enhance a good nights sleep
  1. Get your eyebrows professionally done. Good eyebrow grooming can enhance your entire appearance
  1. No one should be able to tell you’re wearing foundation. The right foundation should just disappear on your skin just evening out your skin tone and not change the colour of your skin.
  1. A good primer underneath foundation is a godsend and will keep your skin looking great all day
  1. Don’t smoke. Ever!!
  1. Dry brushing your skin before a bath or shower stimulates a number of organs, helps the lymphatic system, helps with cellulite and helps tighten the skin through better circulation
  1. Exfoliate your skin in the shower
  1. And moisturise your skin after the shower
  1. Use a moisturiser with retinol which plays a key part in anti ageing skin care
  1. A little highlighter brushed on your Cupid’s bow makes your lips look prettier and fuller
  1. Spray your perfume on your underwear before getting dressed along with your usual spritz for a longer lasting aroma


  1. Ditch dark circles under your eyes by using a salmon-hued concealer. The pink shade counteracts bluish undertones
  1. Use a root concealer spray in between colourings at the hairdressers
  1. Wear SPF 50 on your face always
  1. Wear lipliner to avoid your lipstick bleeding
  1. Wait until the end of your shower to shave your legs. The steam softens hairs for smoother results
  1. Always exfoliate before applying fake tan especially drier areas such as elbows and knees
  1. Use hand cream regularly to keep the skin soft
  1. Use facial brightening cream on hands also to fade age spots
  1. Use a foundation brush instead of sponges. Sponges soak up half your foundation which is a waste and constantly need replacing.IMG_5216

(Wash makeup brushes regularly to avoid bacteria building up and being transferred to your skin)

  1. False eyelashes on a night out add a bit of glamour and enhance your eyes
  1. Always remove makeup at night no matter how tired you are
  1. Invest in a good moisturiser and eye cream
  1. Wear a bronzer for a natural glow
  1. Blend eyeliner for a more professional smokey look
  1. Blotting papers reduce a shiny t zone on nights out
  1. Treat yourself to facials and massages whenever you can afford it


  1. Wiggle the mascara wand when applying your mascara to avoid clumps and to separate your lashes which makes them look longer and thicker
  1. Brush highlighter on your cheekbones for a lovely glow and to enhance their shape
  1. Wing your eyeliner upwards not outwards to give your eyes a lovely shape and avoid them looking droopy
  1. Fill out your eyebrows but don’t use an eyebrow colour that’s too dark as it looks un naturalIMG_5214
  1. Use a good clarifying shampoo from time to time to get rid of product build up. Don’t use these too often though as they can be drying on the hair
  1. Go for a microfibre hair towel to avoid breakage
  1. Exfoliate your lips. We spend time exfoliating our bodies but often neglect our lips which can become dry and chapped if left unattended. Especially in the winter months
  1. If you’re in a rush after applying nail polish, dunk them in very cold water and the polish will set immediately


  1. For the perfect foundation start applying at the centre of your face and blend outwards for a more natural look
  1. A tinted moisturiser with an SPF is perfect on holiday to give you a glow without having to wear a thick foundation
  1. Use a blusher that compliments your colouring and skin tone for a healthy glow
  1. Smile! The ultimate beauty tip. Nothing will make you look better than being truly happy!!IMG_5220


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