Watching ‘Loose Women’ live on set is a little bucket list thing I’ve wanted to do for a while so, knowing I had a couple of days in London planned this July I went on the website and successfully booked tickets for my mum & I. A few weeks later I was very happy to find out my first teenage celebrity crush Jason Donovan was going to be that days guest.

We arrived at the ITV studios very very early but it gave us time to have a nice breakfast in one of the surrounding restaurants on the grounds of the studios. Loose Women ticket holders also get good discounts in these restaurants.

As soon as we saw a couple of other ladies arriving we joined the queue so we were very near the front as there’s no guarantee of getting in even with tickets.

We had an added bonus as whilst we were in the queue there was a live section of ‘This Morning’ being filmed right in front of us so we saw that days presenters Ben Shepherd and Jenny Faulkener filming a live consumer segment with Alice Beer, at the end of it she came right up to us giving my mum and I a huge close up on This Morning!!! My mums first ever TV appearance!!

We were then shown in to the ‘Loose Women’ studios and sat in our seats, I got an aisle seat so I had a great view. I turned to look around at the studio and found Jason Donovan stood right next to me ready to film the intro to the programme! He seemed a lovely guy which pleased me as there’s nothing worse than finding out someone you like is not as nice in the flesh. IMG_9223

Our Loose Women for the day were Kaye Adams, Nadia Sawalha, Brenda Edwards & Kellie Bryan who we cheered on to the set.

Kaye, Brenda & Kellie were all really lovely and went out of their way to talk to the audience before & after the show and during the commercial breaks. We were slightly disappointed with Nadia as she looked bored and disinterested in it all and just went on her phone during the breaks. As soon as filming was over she shot off the set without saying a word. She may have been having a bad day but as a Loose Women I have enjoyed watching she was a disappointment.


However, the rest of the experience was great and it’s a really fun & happy show. They have a great audience warm up guy who made it fun and light hearted before filming stared and during the ad breaks and it was nice to be able to give my mum this fun experience.

A lovely morning spent with the Loose Women and all in all a fantastic experience!


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