I wanted to be a mummy for as long as I can remember and, after a career as a professional dancer throughout my 20’s I came back home and married Tony at 28 and we knew we wanted to start a family.

A year after our wedding we knew it was the right time and I was extremely fortunate to get pregnant immediately. I was in love from the second I conceived and loved every minute of my first pregnancy. We didn’t find out the gender as a healthy baby was all that mattered to us but on the 1st March 2005 we were thrilled to welcome our beautiful baby girl Isabelle Daisy into the world.

I was utterly besotted with her and just adored every part of being a mummy. IMG_1683

I struggled quite a lot after 2 months as, with running my own business I had to go back to work much quicker than most women do which is something I deeply regret with both my babies and still resent quite a lot but I had no other choice at the time or I would have lost my business which I couldn’t afford to do. However, we made it work and the nature of my job and the hours I work meant I was able to be with her throughout the days then at tea times on the days I worked she was only ever with Tony or my parents which meant we never had to have any childcare. I knew she was being brought up by people who adored her and she was extremely well looked after and stimulated by us all.

IMG_1601I started going to baby groups with my best friend who had had a baby boy 2 weeks before me and met lots of other lovely Mum’s. It’s lovely to be able to share experiences and know that you’re doing the best you can and that everything you’re experiencing is normal.

The one thing that shocked me was everyone else’s journeys to get to this point with their first baby. Tony and I had been so lucky to get pregnant with no problems what so ever I was amazed at how many women, just in this small baby group alone, had had miscarriages, taken months to get pregnant or had had to go down the IVF journey and it was then I realised just how blessed we had been. IMG_1584

A good friend couldn’t conceive a couple of years later then after many failed attempts she got pregnant with twins everyone was thrilled that this long journey had a happy ending, only for her to lose one of the twins early on in the pregnancy and then to find out much further on in her pregnancy that the other twin had a serious heart defect and wouldn’t survive either. It was devastating for her and her husband and before we chose to start our family these things weren’t on our radar and it shocked me just how many people struggled so much when all they wanted was to become parents. The statistics are heartbreaking and I will never forget how lucky we are.

Isabelle is a gorgeous, happy, funny and sunny natured little girl who did and still does light up a room when she enters. She’s kind, intelligent, ambitious, extremely loving and beautiful inside and out. I’m proud of everything she does and achieves but most of all what a genuinely lovely person she is inside. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not perfect and has her moments now we’re in the teenage years but she’s a good and fun loving girl who’s values and morals I love and admire.

When Isabelle was 2 we knew we wanted to add to our family and once again we were unbelievably lucky and blessed to conceive immediately. IMG_3482

My second pregnancy was much harder from start to finish & as I got to my due date there was no sign of the baby wanting to come. 2 weeks later and still no baby I had to be induced but then it all went horribly wrong. I had to be rushed to surgery to have an emergency cesarean and at one point I thought we’d lost him then at another point Tony thought he’d lost me.

Luckily the amazing medical team did an unbelievable job and my beautiful baby boy Max came into the world. Once again I bonded with my baby immediately and just adored him. With having a cesarean I had to stay in hospital for 4 days so we had so much time as just me and him which gave us time to stare at each other and bond even more.

My Max is a gorgeous, intelligent, handsome, loving, kind, caring and thoughtful boy. He loves being with family, being with his mates and all the usual boys things especially his XBox!!!!

As worrying as young children are I find myself worrying more as they get older. As they start High School you can’t know their every move and they also need some freedom and independence. I’ve always tried to instil good values into my children and make sure they know that trust is so important. As my dad always said, ‘when you’re out it’s not you we don’t trust its other people’ and knowing your children are safe is paramount. Tony and I agree on almost everything to do with raising our children and we have tried to instil good values and a strong work ethic. Isabelle and Max are both kind thoughtful people and they both want to do well in school as they both have big plans and ambitions for their futures. Whatever they want to do we will support them every step of the way but fundamentally the main thing for us is that they’re happy. IMG_1565

Friendships can be tough as they get to teens and sadly you can’t always trust some people so there are some very hard lessons along the way. I love that both my kids think of others and are not selfish like many kids their age are.

As a mum there are some hard, tough and upsetting times but these are far outweighed by the good, proud, happy, emotional and fun times being a mum brings.

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