Dress from Silk Fred

On my 40th birthday I had a fabulous figure and wore a stunning dress to my party. In the 5 years that came after my 40th without realising it, the weight kept creeping on year by year. Don’t get me wrong I’m not big but I’m a stone & dress size bigger than I’d like to be and most of my friends of the same age are feeling the same.

I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes and I can still get everything on but they just feel tight and I don’t feel good in any of them at the moment so I’m on a huge mission to drop a few pounds which I’m making fairly good progress with luckily. I’m so determined this time.

I’ve promised myself after I get to my target weight I’m going on a huge shopping spree as there’s some gorgeous clothes out there at the moment. I have however treated myself to a few summer dresses recently as the warmer weather comes back and lockdown is easing.

With the shops being closed for so long I’ve been looking at a few online clothing apps and I’ve found a few I’m really loving.


I’ve seen this site advertised quite a lot so unfortunately I know quite a lot of people shop on here and it’s always a risk you might buy the same as a friend but I’ve recently seen some dresses I loved which I sent for. I have to say they were 100% true to the pictures and the sizing was spot on so I kept both the dresses I ordered and will be ordering more from here in the future.

Stylish, flattering and extremely good value for money as the prices are extremely reasonable. The delivery is also extremely fast, so this company is a big win for me if you want everyday fashion at very reasonable prices.


I ordered a few pieces from Shein over Winter and I was pleased with the quality. Very similar to Silk Fred for everyday fashion at very reasonable prices and again the delivery is very quick. They’re summer dress collection is lovely, and I’ve just ordered myself 2 dresses which arrived today and fit perfectly so I’m keeping them both.


I’ve been ordering pieces from Kaleidoscope for a couple of years now and overall, I like their clothing. I’ve never seen anyone wearing the same items as me which is a plus and I have ordered a few for special occasions as they have a wide range of collections and they’ve been lovely.

I get so many catalogues sent from them (which I find a bit strange these days, especially when you have to order on the online site anyway) and there’s always new things I’ve never seen so their collection is vast. It’s a bit pricier than the other two sites I’ve reviewed but overall, the quality is good, I’ve been happy with my purchases and they often get complimented.

My only criticism is sometimes the body length can seem a bit short, so I’ve had to send a few things back but the next size up would have been far too big. I have a shorter body and longer legs so anyone with a longer body than me must find that the fit isn’t as good as some other places. Delivery is good and any returns I’ve had have been dealt with swiftly and smoothly, so I have no complaints there. As I said, it’s a little pricier than some places but their occasion clothing is lovely and of good quality so I would say it is still good value for money and I will order from them again.

Dress from Silk Fred

I’ll be ordering some pieces from a couple of other sites that have caught my eye in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll review those when I do. 

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