The 40’s are a time when the fine lines that began to appear in your late 30’s start to get a bit deeper and when you may need to start reviewing your makeup routine.

First and foremost, prepping the skin is essential and long term regular facials help keep the skin hydrated. A good skin care routine should be performed morning & night to keep the skin as fresh as possible then a day wear moisturiser with an SPF is important under the foundation. I like to let this settle in to my skin before I begin my makeup routine.

Before my base I like to use a primer to even out my skin tone and I love Estée Lauder daywear. It’s more of a tinted moisturiser but I find it works really well as a pre base for me. IMG_1764

I do still prefer a high coverage in my foundation and still use IMG_1762Estée Lauder Double wear for an evening look. For a lighter daytime look I like revlon colourstay foundation.

A light reflecting highlighter such as Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Liquid concealer is essential for dark circles under the eyes without looking too ‘cakey’. I also keep a cover up stick for the odd break out which doesn’t need to be expensive. I still find Rimmel Londons Hide the Blemish one of the best. IMG_1758

Care really needs to be taken with powder in your 40’s as too much can settle into the lines making you look older than you are. I use Estée Lauder pressed powder and make sure I cover my forehead, nose and chin to avoid shine but use it sparingly around my eyes.

IMG_1763Getting the right shade of blusher can be hard as you get older as you don’t want to look like a painted doll. I like to use a light rose shade on the apples of my cheeks and sparingly up my cheek bones just to give me a healthy glow rather than too much colour.

Contouring is something used a lot by the Millennial generation and many 40 something ladies haven’t incorporated this into their routine up to now. However, it’s something I’m going to be trying to learn to get a very subtle contoured look in the right places to help with definition. I’ll IMG_1768write a post on this when I’ve mastered it!

I like to accentuate my eyes as much as possible as they aren’t very big but I do quite like the shape of them. I use a light beige eyeshadow over the whole lid then a little highlighter under my brow bone and a light brown on my lower eye lid. I’ve used various eye shadow pallets in the past but after being introduced to Urban Decay by my 14 year old daughter I use their pallets all the time now as the pigment in the many varying shades is excellent and the colours can be built up beautifully.

To enhance my eyes I use Maybeline gel eyeliner in brown. I use it sparingly as it’s quite IMG_1769dark and then I blend it in.

I finish off my eyes with a sweep of mascara on my upper lashes and a bit more sparingly on my lower lashes. At the moment I’m loving Lancôme Hypnose Mascara.IMG_1770

I’ve long been a big fan of Mac spice lipliner as it blends so well with so many lipstick shades and ‘stays put’ all day. I change my shade of lipsticks depending on my outfit and the occasion but I am a fan of Mac matte lipsticks as they have better longevity than creamier IMG_1771ones.

I finish off my makeup with a spritz of setting spray and I’m good to go.

For a daytime look I keep the eyes lighter with a slightly paler lipstick shade. For a more dramatic evening look I then build up my eyeliner and mascara along with a slightly bolder lipstick shade. I don’t go for as strong a colour as I did in my 20’s and 30’s as I feel a softer shade is more flattering. Small false eyelashes can complete the look if your going somewhere special!


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