There’s still a few weeks until we move the clocks forward & Spring arrives, but it’s a month I love so much & I always start getting my house ready for Spring as soon as my Christmas decorations are down.

Being in lockdown throughout a very cold & dreary January hasn’t been fun & many people have struggled so for me, preparing the house for my favourite month brings me joy and makes me feel more positive and motivated.

Spring symbolises new beginnings and a fresh start for me and I love to adapt my house to the different seasons throughout the year.

The first thing I always do is a big de clutter. A cluttered house is a cluttered mind and I always feel lighter after a clear out somehow, like a weight has been lifted.

This year we are focusing on the garage & the loft as we’ve let a few things build up over the past few months and we need a big clear out. It’s certainly not a job I relish but I feel so much better once it’s done.

A big Spring clean is always in order as the weather starts to turn. I always keep on top of the cleaning weekly and everything is tidy & has its place, but this is a great time to do a really deep clean & clean out cupboards, clean carpets, blinds etc etc. With being in lockdown for so long my cupboards have all been cleared out a few times but I’ll still be doing a deeper clean & sort out on my week off next week.

Every time the weather is lovely & fresh, I also open the windows to let as much fresh air in as possible.

Fresh flowers are something I love in the house & daffodils are a big favourite of mine. As soon as the daffodils are out, I know Spring is on it’s way & I have them in my house as soon as can get my hands on them. It’s a simple flower but it makes me smile and feel the positivity of Spring coming.

Candles are another big love of mine & I change them with the seasons. After the cosy Winter & Christmassy candles throughout November & December I love to change to lighter scents once the decorations are down such as Fresh Linen smells, The White Company Spring and Neom’s Happiness candles.

   Once the weather starts to improve, I get out in the garden to give it a spruce up. We usually re paint the fences, jet clean & treat the decking then I sort out my flowers & pots and clean all my patio furniture. Winter takes its toll on outdoor furniture & accessories if you’re not able to cover things or put them away so some things may need replacing but nothing feels better than making your outdoor space look smart & tidy and it also feels to extend your house.

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