1. More relaxation of Lockdown rules which enabled us to go out more & see more people

2. Going back to one of my favourite restaurants in my home town ‘Harveys’ 

3. Lots of BBQ’s with friends

4. A few amazing meals back at our favourite restaurants

5. I taught my last Zoom class!!!!! (Well I hope it was)

6. Lots of prosecco in the hot tub evenings


Beautiful Cornwall

With lockdown restrictions easing we were desperate to get away somewhere for a break, but we still didn’t fancy going abroad this year. I’ve nor been to Cornwall since I was a young child and we’ve been wanting to go for a while so we bit the bullet and booked a beautiful cottage for the end of July, praying that there wasn’t a 2nd spike of Covid.

It’s a long drive from Yorkshire but it’s worth it when you arrive in this stunning place. We were situated in St Austell which is lovely and everywhere is withing driving distance. We spent a gorgeous few days visiting Padstow, Fistral Beach, Watergate Bay in Newquay, Rick Steins Fish restaurant & the longest Zip Wire in the UK at Aerial adventure (well the kids did not us!!!!!)

Hang Loose at Eden Zip Wire! The kids loved it.

I definitely wont be leaving it as long to visit this stunning place again!

Rick Steins delicious fish restaurant is well worth a visit.


Slimming World

Like many people, at the start of lockdown I ate and drink a bit too much and the pounds crept on a little. Nothing horrendous but I’m definitely bigger than I’d like to be. I followed the Slimming World plan a few years ago and lost weight quite easily so I knew it was the best option for me to lose a few ponds.

The plan works well for me as unlike some slimming plans you don’t have to count every item of food you eat and I never feel hungry on it. In the first 4 weeks I’ve already lost 10 lbs and I’ve found it relatively easy. It’s so much harder to lose weight as you get a bit older but this way I can do it safely and steadily which is how it should be. I’m no where near my target weight yet but I’m already feeling so much better about myself.

I’ve joined online and I find the app really easy to use and it keeps me in check. Local groups are also working online at the moment and you can find your local one on Facebook or Google.


Rum Punch

Having spent many years in the Caribbean working as a dancer on Cruise Ships, Rum Punch was a regular tipple! The Summer months always bring back memories of those fabulous times so I thought I’d share the Rum Punch recipe I was given by a friend when I was in Barbados for this months cocktail of the month.


175ml freshly squeezed orange juice

75ml freshly squeezed lime juice

150ml good quality rum

50ml sugar syrup

Dash of Grenadine syrup

Ice to serve

Slice of orange & a maraschino cherry to garnish


‘Mamma Mia 2 – Here we go again’

It’s Summer and we all need some fun and a reason to smile so what could be better than this to cheer us all up. I watched it as soon as it came out in Cinemas and it’s now arrived on Netflix so Isabelle and I couldn’t wait for a girlie night to watch this fun film.

It’s frivolous and full of energy and who can beat a good sing a long to the Abba classics? We both sat with a smile from ear to ear all the way through! Fabulous!


I’ve finished teaching on Zoom!!!!!! Plus I’ve got some much needed time off!!


The mixed information we’re getting from the Government as to when we can or can’t open, how many children we can teach, rules changing, bubbles of children etc etc. It’s all mind boggling in my line of work and no one seems to have the answers for us!

Also, my beloved beauty spa Koko is closing down. I’m heartbroken for Kim the owner as she put her heart and soul into it and I’m going to miss it so much. It was my 3 weekly guilty pleasure and I’ll have to find somewhere else now! So sad and I fear there will be many many more casualties of 2020. Sad Times!!!


1. Fosse/Verdon – I’ve had it saved for months and have got round to watching it at last! Outstanding performances by the 2 leads & an amazing series

2. Silk Fred = I’ve just bought a lovely new dress after looking at their website a lot and I’m very impressed with the quality and service for the price I paid

3. Mrs Hinch – Just started following her on Instagram and I love her! Getting lots of cleaning tips and tricks

4. Celebrity MasterChef – I never tire of this programme

5. Fabulosa Disinfectant Spray – Wild Rhubarb

6. Re watching every episode of ‘Downton Abbey’ with Isabelle & the film for the umpteenth time! – So comforting, I adore it and Isabelle is loving it!


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