So we’ve at last said goodbye to 2020 and saw in the New Year quietly all with great hope that this year will be a far happier year for us all.   


1. Christmas of course, even though the 5 days were cut to 1 only a few days before

2. An amazing walk with my 2 best friends whilst getting very tipsy

3. An evening with Tony, Belle & Max at the drive in cinema

4. Taking Isabelle & Max Snowtubing. There’s so few things open to do & have fun over Christmas & New Year but this is quite near our home & they both had a lot of fun doing it.

5. It snowed between Christmas & New Year. Sledging & Hot Chocolate, the best kind of snow days!

6. Seeing my kids so happy over Christmas. Yes the magic does go a bit when they’re teenagers & don’t believe any more but, they’re both amazing company & have loved being with family & were thrilled with their gifts.


New Year Plans for 2021

It’s safe to say 2020 has been an awful year for everyone & I’m fairly sure the start of 2021 will be much the same until more people have the vaccine. However, I took a lot of good from 2020, many things that I intend to continue in 2021. Never has family time been so precious &, with a lot less going on in my work life I spent so much more time with my family which I loved. It’s made me determined to avoid working on as many of my days off in the future & making the most of every minute. One thing I did in 2020 was write my first book which is in the process of being illustrated. I plan to get it published this year & then continue with my 2nd book. As soon as we can travel again, I can’t wait to get on a flight to somewhere beautiful & take my children to as many places as we possibly can. I plan to make 2021 a year of fulfilling bucket list dreams that are nearer to home & make the most of time with my amazing family.  


Post Christmas Detox

At the start of lockdown I put on a few pounds like most people did but then during the summer I followed slimming world plus got into a healthy eating regime & lost a stone plus I felt amazing. Christmas has been a bit of a binge fest unfortunately and I’m definitely feeling bloated but, I enjoyed every minute of it. I am now back on my healthy eating regime & following Slimming World & plan to get back on track as soon as possible. I certainly enjoyed a few G&T over the festive season & so I am doing dry January for the first time to give my body a detox. I’m determined to do it & I hope it will give me a bit of energy back & put a bit of life back in my skin.


Detox Tea Cocktail

After quite a few G&T’s and bottles of fizz over the festive season, January is time for a bit of a detox & I’ve started dry January the year as I needed a bit of a health kick.

500ml Green Tea

Juice of 1 lemon

2-3 pieces of ginger

3 teaspoons of honey

Mint leaves

Infuse in a mason jar & serve


The Guernsey literary & potato peel pie society

Not the most appealing of titles but I like Lily James & liked the look of the trailer on Netflix so Tony & I gave it a go.

I really enjoyed it & the performances were excellent, you cant really go wrong with a cast that includes the talents of Penelope Wilton & Tom Courtenay. Lily James is as lovely as ever in the leading role of Juliet Ashton, a London based writer who begins exchanging letters with residents on the Island of Guernsey which was German occupied during WW2. Feeling compelled to visit the island she starts to get a picture of what it was like during the occupation.  

This was one of the best Netflix original films I’ve seen & I highly recommend it.   


Tough one this month as January is usually full of pantomime fun with my students but I am loving the fact that 2020 is gone! Fingers crossed for a better 2021!!


Seeing all the restaurants & theatres in my home town and many others closed in the run up to Christmas. The hospitality industry have been hit so hard this year and I hope they can all re open in January.


1. Glossybox Subscription box

2. M&S snowglobe Gin. This was in demand this Christmas & sold out everywhere but I was lucky enough to have been given one for a gift for my birthday, so I enjoyed it over Christmas & New Year

3. Bridgerton – Wow we binged watched it in 2 days & LOVED it plus Regae-Jean Page is very easy on the eyes!!

4. Neom candles, I received 2 three wick candles for Christmas & Neom will always be one of my favourite scented candles brands.

5. Christmas cake & Mince Pies, oh my goodness I’ve eaten way too many!!!!


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