1. A lovely two days in London with Isabelle to see Waitress the musical – CANCELLED
  2. Drinks at The Shard – CANCELLED
  3. Dinner at The Ivy – CANCELLED
  4. Tony’s birthday – CANCELLED
  5. Dinner at Tattu – CANCELLED
  6. Watching the fabulous ‘Back to the Future’ musical for Tony’s birthday – CANCELLED
  7. A wonderful Easter break with my family – CANCELLED
    😞 SAD TIMES😞

BUT, there are so many other people in far worse positions than my family and I and I’m extremely grateful for what I have.

stayhome #staysafe

15 quick house maintenance tricks

  1. To clean stubborn spillages in your microwave place half a lemon in a cup of water for one or two minutes until the window is steamy then let it sit in there for a few minutes before you open the door. This releases the grease and grime and makes it easy to wipe clean. It also makes the kitchen smell lovely and fresh
  2. Use baby oil to remove fingerprints from stainless steel
  3. Use an old toothbrush to clean around plug holes and taps
  4. Unblock a clogged drain with baking soda
  5. Clean your chopping board with lemons which are great for lifting stains as well as removing odours
  6. Clean windows with white vinegar and scrunched up newspapers for sparkling clean windows
  7. Zoflora has a huge range of different scents to mix up with water to make a gorgeous all purpose cleaner that makes your house smell fabulous
  8. Scoop up any pet hairs with a rubber glove
  9. Rub toothpaste over your tap faucets then rinse off for a lovely gleam
  10. Remove coffee stains from mugs by using toothpaste to clean it off
  11. Clean and polish your stainless steel sink using baking soda
  12. Always burn a candle for at least 4 hours the first time you light it to avoid tunnelling
  13. Use drawer separators for underwear and sock drawers to keep them tidy
    14 Use a cutlery tray for your makeup drawer to keep it organised
  14. Put a lemon in the microwave on full power for around 1 minute. This releases all the stubborn food making it easy to clean off.


Home beauty treatments
Sadly none of us can go to our hairdressers or beauty therapists at the moment but it’s still important to look after our skin, hair, nails etc.
As a natural blonde who has gone darker over the years and also has the odd grey hair now sadly, I do get my hair coloured professionally every 6 weeks or so. As my roots are starting to show through now I must admit I’ve done the unthinkable and bought a root touch up box dye. I know hairdressers all over the world are cringing at the though of their clients resorting to box dyes but I feel dowdy if I’m not blonde and it’s the little things like this that make you feel better at times like this.
Isabelle and I are enjoying doing home face masks and I’m really liking Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Mask. at the moment. With a home foot spa we’re having mini beauty nights which is nice. Sadly my gel nails have now all come off which I hate. I’ve ordered Isabelle a gel nail starter kit as she fancied giving it a go but it’s not arriving for another 2 weeks so I’ll have to just paint my own awful nails until she can try the gel nails out on me.

God I can’t wait until the fabulous Koko beauty spa is open again. I will be booking nails, brows, pedicures, facials and massages as soon as I can!!



The Great Gatsby
I’ve been meaning to watch this for ages so now I have the time I actually got around to it.
Glitz, glamour, excess & hedonism! Just what I needed to whisk me away at the moment. Great performances, stunning fashion and glamorous sets! I’m very drawn to the roaring 20’s, it transported me to their world for a couple of hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Regardless of the awful situation in the world I am appreciating this quality time with my children. Leading such busy lives we don’t always have the quality time with our families that we should have and it’s been good to slow down and take stock for a while. I’m also loving the fact that Isabelle is using her sewing skills to make wash bags for the NHS staff to wash their scrubs in. She’s putting her skills to good use and I’m very proud of her x



  1. Cross Stitch – a new hobby with all this time at home
  2. My Not So Perfect Life – Sophie Kinsella
  3. Our new Lay Z Spa
  4. Netflix – Very much needed during the isolation weeks
  5. The Quiz, a 3 part ITV drama


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