It was a few weeks before Christmas 7 years ago when Isabelle thought she would like to do something that year for children who weren’t as lucky as her. She’d seen a Christmas Advert by the Salvation Army and it sparked a thought in her young mind. We had lots of ideas of what we could do and eventually came up with the idea of our Angel Tree.
As I run a dancing school, I have my own studios where many many parents with equally lucky children come every day so we thought it would be nice to get them all to think about other children who don’t have the wonderful lives and opportunities they do!
We contacted the Salvation Army who were delighted we wanted to help and they provided us with a list of children by age and gender who were either living in care or very underprivileged. Our idea was an ‘Angel Tree’ where we would put up a Christmas tree in the studios with lots of paper Angels on & on each Angel we wrote either girl or boy with the age.
These Angels were then taken by anyone who wanted to provide a gift for a child.
We were completely overwhelmed as the Angels literally flew off the tree & proved extremely popular. No one likes the thought of a child with no gifts at Christmas. As it was so popular in our studios we also contacted Isabelle’s school who also agreed to having a tree in their reception.
All the gifts were returned a week before Christmas which we then delivered to our local Salvation Army & we were delighted & blown away to hand over 90 gifts for them to wrap and distribute to local children.
Six years later it’s still going strong and each November both Isabelle & Max start planning their Angel Tree & making the Angels ready to help some more children.
We’re just thrilled to know we’ve given hundreds of gifts to them over the years and it’s something we will continue to do each year.
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