Life throws us many Up’s, Down’s & Curve balls over the years so it’s only natural to have times when you feel low or slightly negative. Then, there are those individuals who seem to thrive off negativity and enjoy moaning constantly. In my opinion like attracts like and if you feel & act negative then negative things happen & you give off a negative vibe.

One thing I’ve certainly learned as I’ve got older is not to worry about other people’s opinions & to live my own life. I’m lucky that I’m mostly a very positive, glass half full person with a positive mindset but there are always times when we allow negativity to infiltrate.

One of the worst things for allowing negativity is spending too much energy on what other people have & are doing. Whilst you’re spending so much time on other people’s lives, you’re not concentrating on your own life & happiness.

Social Media is a huge culprit for allowing us to be envious of other people’s lifestyles but, one thing to remember is that everyone posts their best lives on their social media platforms & not what’s really going on!!!

But likewise, if you spend time with people who are either boastful about their lives or extremely negative it can grind you down over time.

Change your Focus

Stop checking social media after a certain time of day

Self care – It’s not wrong to put yourself first sometimes. If you’re not healthy & happy how can you help anyone else

Celebrate events & victories however big or small

Concentrate on your own life and try not to spend time worrying or focused on what others have or are doing in their lives

Positive Practices

Try to get into a good morning routine of getting up early, giving your body a cleanse drinking water with lemon, eat a healthy breakfast & maybe a walk or do your workout in the morning. A good start to the morning sets up your whole day.  

Practice gratitude. Every morning write down 3 things you’re grateful for in your life. The more grateful you are for the wonderful things in your life, the more positive you’ll be & positivity attracts positive things into your life.  

Sift out negative people in your life. If someone drains you, saps your energy or causes you to have negative thoughts it’s time to remove them from your life. Instead, surround yourself with positive people.

Unfollow or block certain people on social media. Again, if you find yourself feeling negative towards certain people on your social media feeds then unfollow them. If you just need a break rather than to remove them permanently you can snooze them for a while as you re group.

Your health, fitness & diet are all vital for your well being and mind set. What you put in your body affects your whole life including your mood & positivity. If you eat badly your body feels sluggish and can cause low mood.  

Read or listen to motivational books & podcasts. I find these really help to put me in a positive mood & good mindset.

Give back & help others. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have enhanced someone’s life.

Laugh more! Laughing increases the endorphins that are released by your brain to enhance your mood.

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