Life’s Little Gems

  1. Getting cut up by a speeding driver but then pulling up right next to them at the next set of lights
  2. Having enough change for parking
  3. No queue at the ladies loos
  4. Correctly choosing the fastest checkout at the supermarket
  5. Waking up and realising you have an extra hour in bed
  6. Finding that something is reduced when you get to the checkout
  7. When a car pulls out of a space just in front of you in a busy car park
  8. Completing a form on the Internet on the first attempt without missing a required IMG_1822field
  9. Finding money in a handbag you haven’t used for a while
  10. Running back to your car late and not having a parking ticket
  11. When someone holds a door open for you – chivalry is not always dead
  12. A tax refund
  13. The end of a good workout
  14. An unexpected snow day when you’re family are all warm & cosy indoors – uninterrupted quality time
  15. Not much traffic on the road – doesn’t happen often these days sadlyIMG_1825
  16. Finding out its happy hour at the bar
  17. Seeing all your suitcases on the conveyer belt at the airport luggage collection
  18. Getting straight through security quickly at the airport
  19. Knowing you have a lie in the next day
  20. When your makeup, hair and outfit all ‘go right’ before a night out
  21. An unexpected delivery of flowers
  22. Receiving a letter that’s not a bill or bank statement
  23. When you drop your phone but the screen doesn’t crack
  24. The feeling when you’ve helped someone in need
  25. A rare night in with all your favourite TV programmes on

Life’s Little Niggles

  1. When something you’ve ordered arrives faulty & you have to send it back
  2. When there’s no loo roll
  3. People who drive up really close behind you and try to bully you into driving faster
  4. IMG_1824Swapping to what seems like a quicker queue at the checkout then the checkout lady has to call for help for the customer in front of you
  5. Trying to park quickly when a car is right behind you – the pressure
  6. When a parcel gets delivered during the only half an hour you’re out that day on the school run and you have to wait 24 hours before you can collect at at the post office
  7. Your phone or computer freezing
  8. Stepping into dog poo someone hasn’t cleaned up
  9. When someone parks over 2 parking spaces
  10. Traffic jams – end of!!
  11. When you hold the door open for someone and they don’t say thank you
  12. Trying to find the start of the cellotape
  13. Having to stand up on a train ride
  14. Getting stuck behind a tractor
  15. Filling out a long form online, losing connection before you finish and having to start again
  16. Not having enough change for parking IMG_1830
  17. Seeing a parking space and someone pulling in just in front of you
  18. Your partner snoring
  19. Cyclists on the road – sorry, I know it’s better for the environment but they’re so vulnerable and always swerve too far into the road
  20. Queues at the Ladies loos when men can walk straight in
  21. Getting stopped at security to be checked at the airport
  22. A delayed flight
  23. A missing suitcase when you arrive at your destination
  24. A shampoo or lotion exploding in your bag
  25. When you’re favourite TV programmes are cancelled because of the football
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