If the time during the Covid 19 lockdown is teaching me anything it is to ‘Live in the present and make each day count’. These are difficult and unprecedented times but there is also a lot of good to come of it.
I always remember my grandparents talking about the War and that although there was so much tragedy and devastation there was also some amazing times and they wouldn’t have missed it for the world ”It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”
I worried greatly when I had to close my Theatre School and I’m of course still very concerned as to what the future will be but, on a personal front, my life has been so busy for so many years this time at home with my family has been like a gift.
Of course I’m missing friends and family greatly and I can’t wait for life to return to whatever the new normal will be but, there will most definitely be some changes. I spend many many hours a week working and I do love my job but I hate that it takes me away from my family so much. It’s my own business so I barely had any maternity leave with either of my children which I will always always regret.

This slower pace of life has made me stop and appreciate the things that really matter which is my family and their happiness and also the smaller things such as the beautiful views on my dog walks and sitting and eating a meal all together every night. Its definitely given me a new outlook and my priorities are definitely going to be different in the future.
I love teaching children and over the years many of my students have and still do mean the world to me but my own children are growing up every day and I want to make the most of every second with them and continue to make as many wonderful memories as I possibly can for them.

It’s also been lovely spending so much more time with Tony as, like many couples who are also parents, we are usually like ships that pass in the night with our crazy busy life. We’ve sat and talked more and laughed instead of being constantly exhausted.
I’ve also had some ‘me time’ for once. I have a terrible habit of feeling guilty if I’m not constantly working and whilst we’ve been in lockdown that’s changed a little bit. I still thrive on lists and getting things done, that’s how I tick, but my lists have also included things for me such as growing vegetables, reading more, writing more, learning to knit, cooking more, watching movies, baking, watching some fabulous box sets and getting jobs around the house done that we have been meaning to do for months and I’m loving it.
This whole time is giving me and I’m sure many others time to slow down and smell the roses. Life is short and our time here is very precious so we really must make every day count.

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