I was going to put our decorations up at the end of November this year to bring a bit of sparkle to an awful year but, we’ve had a new floor laid in the living room and there’s been a lot of dust so we put it back a week.

So, the first Sunday in December we had the whole day at home & I wanted to make it really festive. We had Christmas movies playing all day, ‘Love the Coopers’. ‘Elf’ & ‘Home Alone 2’, Mulled Wine, Hot Chocolate & Mince Pies whilst we decorated the house, bliss!

A teenager and almost teenager don’t get quite as excited as they did when they were little but it was still a lovely day & they both enjoyed it. I adore making the house look gorgeous & Christmassy & I do go a bit overboard with trees. We have our main one in the living room which is Ivory, Gold & Teal, one in our hallway which is all purples, silver & white, one in our kitchen which has a rose gold theme & one on our staircase which is our memory tree with decorations we’ve collected over the years that are all extremely personal to us.

The kids also both have small trees in their rooms!!

Yes it’s a lot but I love them all & I’m thrilled with them again this year. I always make sure they’re absolutely beautiful and very tasteful. Colour themed trees are not for everyone, but I love them to match.

Tony always puts the outdoor lights up. Again, I like to keep it very tasteful, no gaudy coloured lights, but all lovely twinkling white lights.  Not that there’s anything wrong with big colourful fun decorations, Christmas lights & decorations are very much a personal thing for each family & that’s what makes it special.

I’m now planning all my menus & activities for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Boxing Day, I can’t wait to fill our cupboards & fridge with lots of delicious Christmas fayre!

 So Christmas 2020 is upon us. I know everyone will be very glad to see the back of this year but I think everyone is determined to make Christmas extra special first.   

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