I’m extremely lucky as my memories of Christmas as a child are all wonderful ones & my parents always made sure Christmas was a fun, & happy and all about family time. As I got into my late teens Christmas was still an amazing time but for different reasons as by then I had a great social life & loved the party side of Christmas & nothing could beat Christmas Eve & New Years Eve nights out!!!

Although I travelled extensively with work throughout my twenties I was very lucky to only spend one Christmas away from home. The year I was away was going into the Millennium & Carnival Cruise lines went all out to make it an unbelievable experience so I still had an amazing time.

None of that however can even to come close to being a mummy at Christmas & nothing makes me happier than seeing my children’s faces on Christmas morning & during the lead up to Christmas.

I’ve created lots of lovely traditions over the festive period such as Christmas Eve boxes, Santa train, pantomime, the ballet, new pj’s, reindeer food, a key for Santa, reading ‘The night before Christmas’ the list goes on.

Then, when the children were 8 & 5 I knew they were the perfect age to take them to Lapland to see the ‘real’ Father Christmas so mid December off we flew to Finland for an exciting trip to Lapland.

Wow! What a fabulous unforgettable experience!

From the minute we stepped on the aeroplane we were in the Christmas spirit. We sang Christmas songs & did Christmas quizzes then the Elves were there to greet us at the Airport in Lapland.

3 days in this magical place was filled with elves, skiing, husky dog rides, skidoos, beautiful reindeers, delicious food, hot chocolates, mulled wine, Christmas trees, lots of snow, twinkly Christmas lights and a visit to see ‘the real’ Father Christmas. At the end of our visit I was certainly a ‘believer’ again!!!!

One of the big highlights though, was on the last night when we went out sledging and we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights which was out of this world.

Just the most magical & memorable trip which we will never forget. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone with children.

What’s your favourite Christmas memory?

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