In a world that is so fast paced and everyone is so busy its so important to take the brakes off now and again. Everyone needs time out to spend with friends and family but it’s also important to take some time just for yourself too. Eating well, keeping fit and socialising all play a big part in leading a happy and fulfilled life but a few guilty pleasures just for yourself are imperative also to help you relax and re charge the batteries. 

The Soaps

Love them or hate them for me, I love my daily fix of Coronation Street and Emmerdale when I get in from work to help me switch off. 

A cold crisp glass of rose wine

I don’t really drink during the week as I work evenings in my theatre school but when I finish on a Saturday I love to get home and have a glass or two of cold, delicious rose wine before we go out. 

A luxury bubble bath

On a daily basis I take showers as they’re quick and easy but after a long day nothing can beat a luxury bubble bath now and again. I light my Neom candles and use their luxury bath foams and bath oils which make the bathroom smell like a spa. Heaven!! 


When I get home I cannot resist lighting my candles. I love the cosiness it brings and I adore the house smelling divine. I love all candles but my favourites have to be Neom, Jo Malone and The White Company. 


I absolutely loved ‘Friends’ when it first hit our TV screens and couldn’t wait for each new episode. It’s complete escapism and who didn’t want the gang as your own friends. I still watch it from time to time on the comedy channel and if I’ve had a tough week or just need a little pick me up it’s still my ‘go to’ programme. I still laugh out loud and it just feels so comforting.


I don’t buy them or read them as much as I used to as I don’t have the time but there’s nothing more relaxing on a flight of train journey than to sit with a coffee reading my favourite magazine. Woman and Home is my current magazine of choice.


Drinking a cup of coffee is the first thing I do in a morning and it wakes me up and gets me going for the day ahead. I love to get a takeaway Costa on my way to work too.


Who doesn’t love the glamour and escapism of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’? Saturday is a really busy day for me at work and, as the Autumn draws in I look forward in anticipation to Strictly on a Saturday night. It’s set on series link so if we’re out I can watch it as soon as we get back! I also love it as we watch it as a whole family and even Max quite enjoys it and stays off his x box whilst it’s on!!! Close contenders are also Masterchef, Bake off, I’m a celebrity and The real housewives of Cheshire!!!! 


I adore flowers and I love nothing more than fresh flowers in my home. Gladioli & Peony  are a favourite of mine and, although Tony is pretty good at buying me flowers for special occasions, I often like to buy myself some on a Friday to make the house look and smell lovely over the weekend. 

Treatments at my beauty spa

I’m lucky to have the beautiful & luxurious Koko beauty spa on my doorstep and I go regularly for my nails and brows. I do also love to book in for facials and massages on a fairly regular basis. What can be better after a busy period at work than a full stress reducing body massage or a luxury facial? Bliss!! 

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