My Health & Fitness Journey


So the first step in my post summer health & fitness journey is to get my exercise plan into gear, so when a friend suggested a trampoline fitness class I jumped at the chance (pardon the pun!!!😂).

I adored trampolining at school but unlike the large trampolines we remember, here each person has a small square trampoline each to work on & the area has coloured lights & pumping music.

Unlike aerobic classes this class really keeps moving as even if you have to stop to catch your breath your body is still bouncing slightly & so continues moving. Another thing I found beneficial was it having less impact on your knees and other joints unlike on a studio floor.

Trampolining classes are a high intensity full body cardio workout. They are also a fun and energetic way to get moving as you jump, tuck & spring your way to fitness. What’s more, I loved it!!!!

It might sound a fun easy class but trust me it’s not for the faint hearted!!!!

There’s no easing you in as the class gets going straight after a short stretch out of your muscles. Immediately you’re into squats, star jumps, tuck jumps, jumping jacks & high knee jogs. Then it’s down onto the trampoline for abdominal work & on to press ups & burpees!!!! Phew! The last section continues with more high energy jumps before a final cool down!

It’s a fun, cardiovascular work out & great for anyone who wants to try something new. I found it so much more fun than a regular aerobics or step class & it’s a class I will definitely be continuing.


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