Today is my last day in beautiful Northumberland after my family & I have spent a much needed few days away to escape the daily grind and re charge our batteries. I’ve woken up earlier than everyone else and I’m sitting looking out of our hotel room window at the ocean.

There’s nothing I love more when I’m away than waking up to an ocean view, I find it peaceful, soothing and it is definitely good for the soul. Having spent many years working as a dancer on Cruise Ships, I loved meeting so many interesting people from all walks of life, however being with people 24/7 could be tiring at times and my escape was to go to the very back of the ship on top deck where it was quiet, sit with a coffee and read my book whilst looking out at the stunning Caribbean Sea. It was my own private time, my escape, my haven and I loved those moments. IMG_8179The soothing sight of the waves rippling as the propellers cut through them, the sun glistening on the stunning turquoise water and me lost in a good book with a gentle breeze on my face. It cleared my mind and was good for my soul.

I’ve watched stunning sun rises & sun sets over the ocean which is a sight to behold and I’ve also seen that beautiful turquoise sea turn into a black onyx when you look out at night and see the moonlight glistening across the water.

Today as I look out its a little grey and misty and certainly not the turquoise delight of IMG_8181the Caribbean but it still soothes me somehow. My family are all still fast asleep and there’s something quite special about being awake before everyone else and having these few moments to gaze out and see the seagulls and a ship in the distance as the sun starts to peep through the clouds.

Sitting looking out at the ocean will always be my happy place, I now feel calm, rested and ready to take on the day xx

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