As much as I love dressing up & going out, as someone who leads a very busy life my perfect day would be a Sunday at home with my family. 

Being the business owner of a Theatre school I work most evenings during the week & all day Saturday so I very much look forward to my favourite day of the week which is Sunday, especially if we have plans to just stay at home & around our village. The kids are often busy on Sunday’s with various hobbies & my work can often run into Sunday’s too so when I see a free Sunday coming up in the diary I’m a very happy girl! 

I very rarely get a lie in so it’s nice to just get an extra hour then Tony will bring me a coffee up to me in bed. A fresh coffee is the first thing I have to have in the morning to get me going. 

I like to put TV on & usually have something like Sunday Brunch on in the background and once I’m up I like to have another coffee & read a Sunday paper. 

My kids are so busy during the week so if we have a rare Sunday off I let them do their own thing in the morning. Breakfast will be quite simple such as cereals, toast or sometimes a bacon or sausage sandwich as a treat! 

I will then have a shower & I love to use Elemis Sharp shower in a morning as its so fresh and really wakes me up. Hair, makeup and outfit on and I’m ready for the day. Although I won’t wear as much makeup as I do in the week I still like to wear some as I love makeup & it makes me feel good. My Sunday outfit will be much more casual such as jeans & a casual top. 

I love to potter around the house on a Sunday making it as nice as possible and I always have candles lit to make the whole house smell amazing. My new favourites at the moment are from The White Company. In the Spring I always have fresh daffodils in the house as they’re my favourite flower and make me feel happy & ready for the new beginnings of Spring. 

Lunch will just be a simple sandwich, soup or salad for us all as we eat our main meal around 5pm. 

I’ll often prep the dinner after lunch so it’s all ready to go later on then it’s time for a lovely family walk with our beautiful Cavachon puppy Dora! Walks are a great time to get fresh air, exercise and spend time talking without the distractions of technology. 

After a good walk, as I make dinner, Tony may do some bits around the house & garden, Max will have a bit of time either playing outdoors or on his Xbox and Isabelle will usually be found filming a video or watching ‘Friends’. They’re so busy in the week that its nice for them to just do their own thing if we’re at home. 

Roast dinner is a must on a Sunday & our favourite is roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. I love cooking for my family & just wish I had a bit more time to try new things. 

One of my favourite things on a Sunday is then putting on some comfortable loungewear in the evening all ready to relax with candles on, a nice glass of wine and Sunday night TV. I love a good drama on a Sunday evening and still very much miss ‘Downton Abbey’ & ‘Mr Selfridge’ but I’m currently enjoying ‘The Crown’ as my Sunday evening viewing. 

Once the kids go to bed, a lovely bubble bath with my favourite Neom products, a Neom candle lit and my skincare routine finish my perfect homely Sunday. Bliss! 

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