One of the things I love about a New Year is a fresh page, a clean slate to make new goals & plans for the coming year. I’m definitely a planner and a list maker so New Years Resolutions are very much ‘my thing’!

We started New Year’s Day with a lovely walk as we always do, I always like to take the decorations down on January 1st ready to start the new year with a fresh start.

I was feeling reasonably happy & positive that our area was staying in Tier 3 & that I could continue working from my studios. Then the announcement came!

Being plunged into lockdown at the start of January really threw everyone and I’m not going to lie, I had a pretty bad first week. I wasn’t very well all week which made things worse and I had my lowest week since this all began, I also  had no motivation what so ever. Of course, we all knew that on New Years Eve as we said goodbye to the horror that was 2020 it wasn’t all just going to change over night but this lockdown feels worse somehow & the COVID-19 figures are very frightening. Then with the weather being cold dark & dreary it makes it harder too.

Teaching on Zoom is hard work but somehow, I struggled through the first week back &, as usual my students were amazing.

I’m extremely blessed to have a fabulous family & Tony and the kids have been amazing.

Today was the start of a new week. I had an extremely & much needed relaxing weekend just binge-watching box sets without feeling guilty for doing nothing & I feel 100% better for it today.

So, I’m classing today, the 11th of January, as the start of my new year, I’ve got my positive pants back on, I’m ‘on it’ & raring to go!!!

My first goal this year was to do dry January. I’m not a huge drinker but I’ve definitely been drinking more lately & I wanted a few weeks to detox my body. I’m back on my healthy eating plan too as I definitely overindulged over the festive period, Well what else was there to do?!!! Healthy body, healthy mind certainly works for me. I did really well last year & I’m annoyed I slipped a bit over Christmas, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it!!!

Positive mental attitude is my mantra from now on & I’ve been listening the Audio book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne about The Law of Attraction. I have lots of goals & projects that I want to complete this year & this has been recommended to me which I’m halfway through. Positive podcasts, such as Fearne Cottons Happy Place, are also something I find helpful for ‘switching off’  

Getting out & walking our dog Dora also helps me clear my mind & the fresh air is good to feel fresher & more alive.

I did a vision board last year but this year I’m doing a vision book to put all my plans hopes & dreams in which I can carry with me & look at and add to any time. It helps me visualise things & I find it a really positive thing to do.

Self-care is going to play a big part in this year also.  

Having more time at home gives us the perfect opportunity for some ‘me’ time & I’m enjoying long luxurious candle lit bubble baths and keeping showers just for mornings, doing face packs and looking after my skin more. I’m trying to drink more water & I’m in a routine of having lemon in warm water in a morning.

Vitamin D is highly recommended at this time of year as we lack sunshine so I’ve just bought myself some which will hopefully boost my immune system.

I’m still working a lot of hours but I’m being much more mindful of not working on my days off and instead using those days for family, self-care, relaxation, reading, writing and doing things I love. It’s definitely given me a much better work/life balance these last few months, so lockdown has definitely had it’s benefits in my life.

 I’m normally a good sleeper but just recently I haven’t been sleeping well at all so I need to sort out my evening routine. I am a coffee lover but, in the evenings, I drink tea never coffee. I know tea still has a lot of caffeine in it so I need to cut it out after a certain time.  I do need to put my phone down sooner as this definitely affects my sleep. I’ve just started using This Works Sleep Spray & I have slept better these past two nights. It could be just a coincidence but it’s definitely a calming smell which I love.

My surroundings play a huge part in my happiness & I continue to make our home as luxurious & cosy as possible with calming colour schemes, lovely lighting, gorgeous smelling candles & making everywhere as aesthetically beautiful as possible to make it a place my family & I feel comfortable, safe, relaxed & happy. Our own little haven!My main aim this year is to stay positive and motivated & increase my energy levels so I can achieve everything I want to achieve but, most of all be the best mum, wife, daughter friend etc that I can be

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