Around 4 years ago my husband Tony & our children Isabelle & Max were constantly nagging me to agree to us getting a puppy, but I really wasn’t keen. Tony was brought up with dogs, but I wasn’t and, although I do like dogs, I certainly wouldn’t particularly consider myself a ‘dog person’. I was concerned as I’m the one who is at home during the mornings so I knew I’d be the one who’d have to deal with the puppy and didn’t feel I’d know what I was doing & it made me nervous. However, somehow or another they managed to persuade me & on December 30th 2017 I found myself sat in our car on the way to Stoke -On-Trent to pick up our new Cavachon Puppy, a baby girl we had named Dora after my beloved Great Grandma.

Tony had researched the breeder thoroughly and we got her from a wonderful breeder Jenna who does an amazing job.

As soon as I saw Dora, to say I fell in love instantly is a complete understatement and I surprised myself just how much I adored her unconditionally.

She was very quick at picking everything up such as sleeping through & going to the toilet outside and is a bright, fun & happy dog. We crate trained her initially which was highly recommended to us and it certainly worked for Dora. Crates make them feel safe & to this day if she wants a quiet sleep, she’ll go under a table to recreate the crate feel.

Nothing could have prepared me for just how much love I had for her and the day she went to be spayed (along with a mini hernia operation at the same time) was just awful.

We chose a Cavachon for many reasons and she really was the perfect choice for our family. They’re very clean, low shedding & hypoallergenic.

She is the most loving friendly dog and Cavachon’s are known for being perfect for families.  She adores us all and is only truly settled when all 4 of us are in the house. When one of us is out of the house she pines for us, looking out of the window waiting for us to come home. She’s also lots of fun & adores play time with us.

Dora is excellent with other dogs, but she definitely loves people far more than other dogs, she gets a little bit jealous if Tony or I stroke another dog.

Having Dora has brought me so much joy and love and I can’t imagine life without a dog in our house anymore. I love going for walks with her and we’re very lucky to have some beautiful walks where we live. Having a dog in lockdown made everything so much better also & getting her 3 years ago was the best decision we made.

The most wonderful thing about having Dora is, no matter how your day has gone, even if it’s been a really bad day, the way she runs to greet us at the door when we come in makes everything melt away as she makes you feel like the most special, loved person in the world.

Do we spoil her? Without a doubt!

Does she deserve it? Absolutely, she’s a very special, very loved & adorable dog.

Our A-dorable Dora xx  

‘The world would be a much nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog’

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