Life is slowly starting to get ‘back to normal’ or, the most said phrase of the moment ‘the new normal’ and instead of feeling happy about it, these last couple of weeks have left me feeling rather flat. When I speak to friends and family, they all seem to be feeling the same and in truth, things aren’t normal at all anymore.

I’m currently sat in my living room with my heating on in August & looking out at the grey sky and pouring rain which definitely doesn’t help matters but, as a Yorkshire girl who’s more than used to the dreary British weather, it’s more than just that.

Back in March when we first went into lockdown, although it was a scary time in the world, we all had an air of positivity around us and my family, like many people, had a daily schedule, completely organised the house, played board games, ate together every night, exercised regularly, went on lots of walks and we were determined to be productive during this uncertain time. But it was more than that, it was the camaraderie of Zoom quizzes, Facetime calls, Tik Tok videos and sending each other messages of love & support along with funny photos and anecdotes that kept friends and family together and kept our spirits up.

Then one day, we were waiting for the announcement that was to say lockdown was over and life was normal again, we couldn’t wait to be back at work (some people)out socialising again, the kids back to school and picking up where we left off. But of course, that never came. Life didn’t just go back to how it was and, as we take one small step at a time the reality hit us that life wasn’t going to be the same again for a long time, if ever.

There is an element of confusion for everyone as to what we can & can’t do, local lockdowns happening around the world, quarantine if you dare to travel abroad, where we should and shouldn’t wear our masks. Sitting in a coffee shop by a window the other day I looked out to see people going about their business but there was a look of confusion in everyone’s eyes. Our world has changed dramatically over the past few months and the feelings of positivity & productivity we felt at the start have now been replaced with a flat & confused state wondering if life will ever be the same gain.

Times of adversity bring out the very best in some people and the very worst in others and I’ve certainly seen lots of people’s emotions running high recently. Sadly, it’s the poor people in the publics eye such as shop workers, restaurant workers etc who get the brunt of it from people who don’t like being told what to do. I can never understand this, of course no one particularly likes wearing masks and social distancing, but we have to do it so stop complaining! Being kind is so important, especially now more than ever.  

Hopefully over the next few months & into the New Year we will start to see life improving day by day. Staying positive is something I’m endeavouring to instil in my family & friends. We will get through this and we will come out of it stronger but for now we must abide by the rules, stay positive, keep ourselves busy and most of all, be kind!     

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