Since the beginning of January, after chatting with friends, reading people’s social media posts & watching programmes such as This Morning, the general feeling seems to be that this lockdown is much harder than the other 2 and people are generally feeling quite low. I know many parents are really struggling with working and home-schooling that by the end of the day they feel that they’ve done neither job to the best of their abilities & their stress levels are through the roof. My children are now teens which does bring about different problems & concerns but, as a working mum with my own business I’m very grateful my children are not Primary School age and they are, for the most part, self-sufficient with their school work.

Although lockdown 1 was tough there was an element of novelty about it at first plus the weather was glorious which definitely made life easier. Lockdown 2 didn’t feel too bad as there was an end date & children were still in school. But this time the weather is awful (January can be tough at the best of times), the news & Covid figures are awful plus there doesn’t seem to be an end date in sight.

So, how on earth can anyone stay motivated when things seem so bleak?

I’m usually a very positive person but even I found the first 2 weeks of January very tough, however I managed to snap myself out of it & get my motivation back.

My first plan of action was not to look too far ahead. I’m usually a big planner and I’m still always planning things for the long term but, as far as lockdown 3 goes, I’m just taking it one week at a time and as each weekend comes, well done to you, that’s another week done. I think if you start thinking I really can’t do this until possibly Easter then you’ll start to panic & feel low. Taking it all one week at a time is certainly working for me.

I also remind myself to be very grateful every day. I’m currently reading & following ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne & it really is changing my mindset. I’ve always been grateful for the fabulous things in my life but this book encourages you to write it down & to truly be grateful for all you have from the big things to the little tiny every day things. There are so many people in far far worse positions than I am & I really am blessed with a lovely life.

A daily routine has always worked well for me. Being in a routine gives your day purpose and also ensures you do the important things such as getting fresh air & going for a walk each day. It doesn’t have to be crammed full but getting up and dressed at the same time each day helps keep motivation levels up. I also write a weekly to do list on Sunday for the week ahead which really helps keep me focused & organised.

Get up, get showered, get dressed, make the bed and you’ll feel better instantly.  On the very occasional day I’ve stayed in my pyjamas for a while, I felt scruffy, unmotivated & lazy. Don’t get me wrong, a nice relaxing lazy Sunday morning is wonderful & good for the soul but, if this becomes a habit your productivity disappears. I’m a huge advocate for making the bed every morning as instantly that room feels tidier & it gives you more organisation in your life. 

Something I’ve always done is plan ahead the night before &, even if you’re only staying at home it’s still important to plan ahead and have everything ready so you are organised for the next day. It avoids wasting time in your day & it definitely makes me feel far more ‘together’.

Lists feature greatly in my life & although we’re not able to do as much at the moment we’ve all always got of lots of small jobs to work through. I don’t overwhelm myself but during lockdown I’ve loved having the time to get lots of little jobs around the house done.

Exercising daily is really important for motivation & health. This doesn’t have to be training for a marathon unless that’s your thing but as long as your body is moving & you’re getting your heart pumping it’s doing you good.

The main thing I’ve wanted to do during this hard period of time is keep my family as happy, motivated and positive as possible. Right from the start I’ve planned lots of fun family activities such as themed meal & movie nights, a Come Dine With Me, murder mystery nights, hot tub nights, games nights etc which have been fun and we’ve created lots of lovely family memories. X

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