My beautiful boy Max came into the world 2 weeks late by a very stressful emergency cesarean. We thought we’d lost him & then Tony thought he’d lost me too & if it wasn’t for the amazing medical team at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary that could have happened. Isabelle had been a textbook natural birth with absolutely no problems & everyone told me your second birth was easier but that certainly wasn’t the case with my second birth. With this stressful start to his life Max & I had to stay in hospital for 4 days which ended up being wonderful. Not the stay in hospital particularly, I was desperate to get home to Tony, Isabelle & the comforts of my own home, but it was amazing to have those 4 days of Me & Max and I think I just stared at my beautiful boy constantly. As I had done with Isabelle, I fell in love with him instantly and he really was, and still is, the apple of my eye.


He wasn’t the easiest baby in the first few weeks as he had colic and screamed just between 5-6pm every night. This only lasted about 3 weeks in all but it seems like forever at the time. But then it just stopped and one morning at only 3 weeks old I peered into his Moses basket and he beamed at me. That’s when I called him my sunshine boy & still do (although as a 11 year old boy this does not always apply these days!!!!!!😂).

After the explosion of pink and girlyness that came with Isabelle which I adored it was also then lovely to have a little boy who brought a completely different energy to our lives. Max is more complex than Isabelle and can be very stubborn at times. He has his own mind completely which I love about him, if he doesn’t like something or want to do something he won’t!!!! This can be tricky at times and he will have to learn to compromise a bit as he gets older but I love that he’s not a follower.

He’s a typical 11 year old boy in many ways who loves his Xbox, karate, his mates, fancies the girls, would rather not go to school most days and can be moody at times but then he can be the most loving, caring, funny boy who’s great to be around.

He’s much cleverer and far more talented than he gives himself credit for and I really want to help him build up his confidence as he can get a little anxious about things at times. He does very well at school and Karate and is an excellent swimmer.

I love my boy, my Max with all my heart and want the very very best life for him. I want to give him the best childhood and show him as many life experiences and give him as many life skills as I possibly can before he flies the nest. At the moment he wants to be a Vet or something to do with computer games which is fantastic but he’s only young and could change his mind ten times yet. Whatever he does decide he wants to do Tony & I will be behind him all the way and endeavour to give him the very best we can.

But the most important thing in the world is that he knows I love and adore him with all my heart.

Having a son is a true gift and I’m loving watching him grow and develop into the kind & caring person he is. I want to help him develop skills for life and instil the best values in him as he matures. I miss him when he was little but I’m enjoying seeing who he’s becoming, however to me he’ll always be my baby boy, My Max XX 💗

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