With everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, it’s important to stay focused, positive and motivated. I’m doing this in many ways to make the most of our current situation but it’s also good to think of future plans, hopes, dreams and bucket list things you want to do. Although many things on this list are luxurious and indulgent many are not and if this time has taught us anything it’s that the people we have around us are far more important than material things. Stay well during this time everyone & take care. X

1. Live abroad

2. Own a dog

3. Watch a Broadway show

4. Fly First Class

5. Take a road trip

6. Go to a world famous sporting event 

7. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant

8. Go to a black tie event

9. Ride in a limo

10. Learn a language 

11. Go on a thrilling roller coaster ride

12. See a sunrise 

13. See a sunset 

14. Quit a job you hate 

15. Travel for more than a 2 week break

16. Volunteer

17. Take on a fitness challenge such as Tough Mudder or climb a mountain 

18. Dye your hair a new shade 

19. Blow a bonus on a shopping spree

20. Party all night

21. Ride an elephant

22. Go to a country with poverty to appreciate your life 

23. Ride a hot air balloon 

24. Ride a helicopter 

25. Perform on stage 

26. Organise a charity event 

27. Fall in love

28. Go ice skating 

29. Laugh until you cry 

30. Have a duvet day 

31. Attend a concert

32. Help a stranger

33. Go camping 

34. Go on a cruise 

35. Swim with dolphins 

36. Have a spa day

37. Watch a ballet 

38. Watch an opera 

39. Start a business 

40. Start a blog

41. Write a book 

42. Snorkel or Scuba Dive 

43. Take a cooking class

44. Own a home

45. Clear your debts 

46. Be on TV 

47. Read the classics 

48. Learn a new skill

49. Give blood

50. Travel on the Orient Express

51. Go on a retreat 

52. See the Northern Lights 

53. Go On Safari

54. Take afternoon tea at one of London’s top hotels 

55. Play the casino tables in Las Vegas 

56. Visit every continent 

57. Stay in a 5 star hotel 

58. Go skiing 

59. Travel somewhere alone 

60. Pursue your dreams 

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