Ok, so the build up to Christmas may be very different this year, no parties & events to look forward to, theatre trips non-existent,   gathering with friends & families postponed to a later date but, I for one am still looking forward to this Autumn & Winter and the weeks leading up to the holiday season.

This time of year is usually one of the busiest at work for me & I rarely have any Sundays free throughout the whole of October, November & December so, although I will relish going back to ‘normality’ next year (fingers crossed), I’m actually loving the thought of some cosy Sundays at home doing normal ‘Sunday family things’ such as going for country walks, reading good books, drinking hot chocolate & watching Christmas movies.

When the clocks first go back I really don’t like the dark gloomy nights but as the weeks go on and the weather becomes crisper rather than damp I start to embrace it and can’t wait to put on cosy jumpers & cosy loungewear around the house.

Having a dog makes Sundays even more perfect and we’re lucky to have lots of lovely country walks where we live.

Regardless of the weather we will still be going on dog walks with our beautiful Dora. Fresh air and exercise are vital to keep our energy levels and motivation up.

After a long walk we come home & I get started on the traditional Sunday roast dinner which we all love.

I adore cosy lighting in the house to make it feel homely and warm and there’s nothing nicer than watching TV on a Sunday evening in front of a lovely warm fire. Candles are also a big love of mine, they give me a warm calming feeling when I watch them flickering around the house plus nothing can beat the gorgeous Autumnal smells candles produce. I change my candles according to the season.

I am also going to be putting our Christmas decorations up a bit earlier this year, sorry not sorry!!!!!!

We adore Christmas in our house so a couple of weeks extra of Christmas cheer will definitely be welcome in our home.

I always buy a few new decorations each Christmas to add to our collection & I love them to be tasteful, colour coordinated and aesthetically beautiful.  

I’m currently busy planning all my food, gift and games lists to make our Christmas at home as fun & magical as possible, I do love a list!! Ooo & my Christmas cake is already made & I’m feeding it weekly!!!! Yes the usual heady excitement of the weeks leading up to Christmas with meals out, parties & dressing up to the nines will be sadly missed this year but instead I will embrace the cosiness & warmth of being with my beautiful family and feeling lucky & thankful for everything we have.   

As the days get shorter, I’m going to be happy in the knowledge that hopefully every day is a step closer to a vaccine being found & some light at the end of the tunnel. If we can get through the past 8 months, we can keep going for a bit longer.

In the meantime, it’s so important to keep contacting friends & family to check on them and to check they are ok, especially those living alone. Winter can be a tough time for some people anyway & this year is going to be twice as hard for most people.

I’ve already booked a few pre-Christmas activities like I usually do to make the run up to Christmas special and Tony & I have a lovely surprise planned for Isabelle, Max & my parents at the beginning  of the New Year which I’m really excited about.   

One thing I organise every year that I’m very proud of is an Angel Tree where I collect gifts from friends, family & clients to give to children from under privileged families. Over the years we’ve given over 1000 gifts to the Salvation Army & I love that we can make a few children happier each year.

So no, it’s not been a great year for anyone but, I know how lucky I am really. I have a wonderful husband, children, and family. Special friends, a lovely home and I live in a beautiful area of West Yorkshire. I run my own successful business that has survived this year, we have food on the table (wine & Gin in the drinks cupboard!!) & are lucky enough to afford some nice luxuries in life. So this year, although my diary won’t be bursting at the seams as it usually is, I’m going to enjoy a slower pace of life and quality time with my amazing loved ones. At the end of the day, if the people you love are healthy & happy nothing else matters.


  1. Get Hygge Like the Danish – There’s nothing better than snuggling under a blanket in cosy loungewear whilst drinking hot chocolate and reading a good book.
  2. Practice Self Care – Enjoy a pamper night or take a gorgeous bubble bath with a glass of fizz!
  3. Practice Positive Thinking – Think Happy Thoughts!
  4. Pick up the phone & call a friend – Staying connected is vital
  5. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  6. Eat well – What you put in your body has a huge effect on your well being
  7. Get some fresh air daily – A daily walk lifts your spirits and blows away the cobwebs
  8. Do something good – give to a charity, volunteer, help someone in need
  9. Make your home somewhere you love to be – My surroundings are so important to me and sometimes it can be just the little touches such as candles, lighting & soft furnishings that can make all the difference
  10. Appreciate how lucky you are – Yes it’s been a tough year for everyone but there are so many people worse off than we are and it’s important to take stock of all the things you’re thankful for
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