June, how on earth did that happen?
Another lovely sunny day! Belle & Max were back on with their school work today and got on with it really well. Max panicked a bit when he opened his laptop and school had sent so much work, he was a bit overwhelmed at first, but once he got himself organised he cracked on and did really well. He’s suffering terribly with hay fever though, worse than ever this year, which really doesn’t help.
After a good workout I had a lovely walk in the woods with Dora which I really enjoyed. She’s such a gorgeous, loving little dog and she’s been a god send during lockdown.
Lots of schools around the country went back today. Isabelle was supposed to as she’s year 10 but they’ve postponed it for 2 more weeks. I’m very torn as I really want her to go back for her school work but I’m still not sure it’s safe enough.
I’m getting increasingly worried that the rules about what we can and can’t do are a bit confused so people have started to make their own rules up now and are pushing the boundaries. I do fear for a second spike as I feel it’s all too soon.
Lots of lovely restaurants, hotels and Spa’s are closing down in our area which makes me so sad and I fear this is only the start of it, it’s absolutely heart breaking.
I got all the ingredients so the kids could make their own Pizzas tonight which they loved and they were delicious, then Isabelle and I snuggled up & watched a film. I usually work evenings & I really am loving being home to have dinner with my family & have this precious time with them.

Today’s been another busy day of class planning for the week. I’m always organised & prepared when I teach but Zoom teaching is another level. I’m in a good flow with it now though and I’m thrilled with how my pupils are dealing with it all and how hard they’re all working.
It’s kids I feel the most sorry for at the moment, we as adults don’t really know what’s going on so it must be so confusing for them. Some children have been prepared for going back to school next week and now they’ve been told the school isn’t going to be opening. Luckily we know Max isn’t going back for definite so we can just plan for September with him. Isabelle’s supposed to be going back one day per week on the 15th June but I’m not sure it will happen.

Two exhausting but fulfilling days of teaching classes online. Much as I’m missing the sun, dancing in the extreme heat last week was not easy for the kids so I’m glad it’s been a bit cooler this week.

I’m so proud of my babies this week, they’ve got completely stuck into their school work and have got so much done. Throughout this whole time they’ve made me extremely proud with how they’ve coped and just got on with it all.
Max and I had a lovely walk with his best friend Charlie and his mum my friend Emma. Just around where we live but it was lovely to see them and for Max to have a good chat & a laugh face to face with his mate. Max was buzzing afterwards, it felt like a bit of normality for him.
I’ve been organising lots of fabulous online workshops for my students whilst we’ve been in lockdown & today we had an amazing cast member from the hit show Matilda taking a workshop for our students which was a huge treat for them and was a very big hit!
A treat for us all tonight, I ordered us all a takeaway from one of our favourite local restaurants ‘Harveys’, a place we dine at often. It was delicious but I can’t wait until we can be sat back in there eating again.
Isabelle & I sat and had a lovely long chat about her GCSE’s & college applications tonight. It’s so tough for her year but if anyone can cope she will. I couldn’t be prouder of how she’s coping with everything.

Another lovely day, the kids & I went to see a close friend who’s leaving to work in France this weekend then it was on to my mum & dads garden for a BBQ. Typically as soon as the Government tell us we can meet in people’s garden for a BBQ the weather turns cold and rainy. Luckily we timed it right and just managed to squeeze it in when the sun was out briefly. I love seeing how much it perks my parents up when they’ve seen us and especially the kids.
Max was then very excited as we’ve got him a new bike so he went with Tony to pick it up. I love seeing him so excited and happy. He’s loved this weekend and has felt a bit more normal now he’s seen a couple of his mates.
Isabelle met up with two of her friends today too so she was happy. It just helps them feel like life is slowly starting to return to normal just a little.
Isabelle did her first set of acrylic nails on me this evening and she’s done a great job. I’m loving how many skills she’s taught herself whilst we’ve been at home. Lots of strings to her bow!

Rain rain go away! One of the things that has helped everyone through lockdown has been the glorious weather so this wet & windy start to June is not the greatest. Anyway, I’m just enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning writing before we go on a socially distanced (wet) walk with my brother, sister-in-law & nephews. I can’t wait to see them all!
Today’s been fantastic, it’s been wonderful to see our gorgeous family, although it’s horrible not being able to hug them all. We ordered a delicious Roast Dinner & ate it whilst socially distanced outside & under a canopy. I’m a big believer in supporting our local restaurants and shops to keep them going so they can survive this period. It’s heart-breaking seeing some amazing businesses already starting to close down.
Here’s hoping for a bit of sunshine again next week to brighten us all up.
Week 12 here we come!

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