1. I’m good at boosting people up when they’re low
  2. I’m a good listener
  3. Family time is beyond precious
  4. Some changes in lockdown have been for the better and I’ll be sticking to them
  5. Just how important it is not to judge people. I’m nor someone who is quick to judge anyway but in times like this especially, everyone has their own story and deals with things in their own way. There is no right or wrong way
  6. People who wont listen to other people’s opinions and think only theirs is correct drive me mad!!!
  7. My love of lists and being organised has been even more useful during this time. It’s how I roll!
  8. Just how stressed and busy I’ve been for the last few years and that it’s been good to take a step away for it all for my own health and mental health
  9. That times of adversity really do bring out the best in some people and the worst in others
  10. Hearing and seeing my kids happy is all that really matters
  11. How good it feels to try new things and enjoy seeing the results
  12. Just how lucky we are to live where we do
  13. That I’m a good motivator
  14. That my confidence needed a big kick up the backside. I’m good at what I do and I’ve really proved that to myself these past few weeks
  15. To get over being self conscience in photos and videos. The amount of Zoom classes, quizzes and meetings I’ve hosted recently has certainly conquered that fear.
  16. How to clear my head and relax away from work. Yoga has helped with this greatly
  17. That G&T’s really do help & lockdown drinking is measured by airport time isn’t it?
  18. That I’m being the best mum I can possibly be and I’m doing pretty well
  19. That I’m much stronger than I though
  20. That Tony & I have a good & strong marriage. Yes we have our moments but we’ve barely had a cross word during lockdown. He’s been a rock!
  21. My kids are amazing, have coped unbelievably well and make me immensely proud
  22. My kids are kind and good people which makes me even prouder
  23. I have an even bigger appreciation for all the smaller things in life
  24. That I really want to pursue my writing more than ever
  25. To say yes to things and no to things that suit me, not to please other people
  26. I’m pretty good at making things happen and organising nice things for people
  27. How much I’ll appreciate going out and seeing people when this is over
  28. That I miss hugging my parents and nephews
  29. Cooking & sitting down for dinner every night has been wonderful
  30. I’m good at devising Quizzes
  31. Just how good a daily walk is to clear your head
  32. Having a dog is the best thing ever
  33. I’m not very good at knitting
  34. My son eats a lot and is never out of the fridge
  35. Baking is fun but I have no willpower when it comes to eating cakes and buns
  36. Teaching my parents how to use Zoom was hard!!!
  37. Most Politicians continue to talk crap!
  38. I actually quite enjoy housework & love homemaking. There’s no better feeling than a sparklingly clean house and a homecooked meal on the table
  39. I watch too much TV, but then, what else is there to do in an evening at the moment & I enjoy it
  40. I have very low tolerance of idiots in the supermarket, there are a lot of idiots in the supermarket
  41. To support local as much as possible. It’s heart breaking to see local restaurants, shops and other businesses closing down
  42. How important it is to message people, reply to messages and keep in touch
  43. Growing my own herbs & vegetables is quite rewarding, who knew?
  44. I really hate mess
  45. How creative we can be in times of adversity
  46. I adore not having to commute to work
  47. I love not feeling guilty that I should be working or doing something constantly. The slower pace of life has been lovely I must admit
  48. For me it’s important to get up, get dressed and put on makeup every day. I’d feel too lazy and unproductive if I stayed in my PJ’s all day but I do love putting them on earlier than I ever used to on an evening
  49. The health and happiness of my family & friends is all that really matters
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