A small lie in did us all the world of good today. I let the kids just get on with their own devices today as I also had a bit more of a restful day. I still posted on my schools page and set some activities for them plus also planned the times of my online classes next week but I also relaxed and watched a couple of films. My contact lenses arrived today which I’m thrilled about. They’re a week late which is totally understandable under the circumstances but I hate wearing my glasses! It’s the little things!!!! It’s definitely colder today and I know it’s going to be a tougher week without the glorious weather of last week but we’ll cope. It was shocking to hear one of my friends dads was rushed into hospital last night and tested positive for coronavirus, luckily he’s going to be fine but the closer it gets the more real it becomes. Only 2 weeks I should have been at ‘Move it’ dance convention at the Excel in London having an amazing time and today it’s being turned into a hospital. A lovely home cooked family tea hit the spot, it’s lovely to have more time to cook and to be able to sit down to eat as a family more often, followed by Ant & Dec made it a good evening and all in all a good day. Max has been far more relaxed and seemed so much happier today. Daily FaceTime sessions with my parents are doing them good and they’ve accepted now that they do have to swallow their pride and let Tony do their shopping for them. They’re both fit and extremely active so it took a while to sink in at first, as it did for many of their age group, that they had to stay at home for the long term in order to get rid of this horrendous virus. 


Whilst we’ve got every weekend free at the moment (unheard of for us) we’ve decided to fully re do the office so most of today was spent moving things out to re paint and put a new floor down. I’m always in a much better place when I’m busy and being productive so that kept us busy for the day. I also bought Max an air hockey/pool/table tennis table a few weeks ago which we hadn’t had chance to put up so that got constructed today which Max loved and will hopefully give us lots of fun over the next few months. Our dog Dora is giving us lots of snuggles and comfort during this uncertain time but she definitely knows something is different. She’s such a sweetheart and is checking on us constantly. I’m loving our walks to get some fresh air and we’re lucky to live surrounded by such stunning countryside. Zoom is proving a fantastic app for personal things as well as business as we did a quiz with family and friends this evening which was great and it was lovely to see their faces. 


The start of another week of homeschooling and I feel a little less overwhelmed this week. Luckily my kids are older so all their work is sent from school but I still keep a watch over them. Once they got stuck into their work I had a really productive day planning all my online classes for the week. I’m a bit nervous starting this new way of working but I know I’ll be fine. The air hockey table is proving a hit and Max and I also had a fun game of pool. Although it’s a horrible situation, I’m loving spending much more time with my family. 


I’ve been a bit nervous all day as my Theatre Schools online classes start today and I’m just praying they go well. Within the space of two weeks my school as I know it has closed and I’ve had to change it completely to an online platform which is quite overwhelming to say the least. One of my teachers is taking the classes today and I’m hoping everyone can log on OK and it all works. I feel like I’m doing my utmost to keep the business running but the main thing is that I’m keeping the children moving & motivated.


A new month & normally I adore April with Easter, better weather on its way and new beginnings. This year however is a bit different to say the least! BUT, I’m not letting it get me down, we have to do this for the greater good and I am certainly not going to waste this time. Walking Dora is doing me & her the world of good, I love my daily walk with her & I put a podcast on with my headphone and I completely lose myself in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery Yorkshire has to offer. I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country and I’m appreciating what surrounds us more and more at the moment. Today was my first day of teaching my online classes and to say I’m exhausted is a complete understatement! I think the emotions of the last couple of weeks coupled with nerves wanting it to go well and the physical aspect of online teaching has all built up and I feel completely drained. Teaching online will never be the same and I completely miss the interaction face to face but, it’s the best we’ve got at the moment and I’m determined to make it the very best I can. A glass of wine was very much needed this evening! 


Our new trampoline arrived today and Max is thrilled. I can’t wait to put it up at the weekend for him. It’s supposed to be better weather this weekend again so hopefully he’ll be out on it all weekend. I’m putting a daily challenge for my students on my Schools Facebook page which is going down really well. I’ve had so much support from my pupils parents which is wonderful & I appreciate it so much. My second evening of Online classes today and I wasn’t as nervous or anxious as yesterday. They went really well and I’m getting the hang of how it all works and how to teach in this different way. All my students are getting used to it too and I’m really proud of how they’re all coping We joined everyone on our street to clap for our amazing NHS workers at 8pm again tonight which was beautiful and so well deserved. A lovely bath with all my candles lit to soothe my achy muscles finished the night off beautifully. I can now look forward to a few days completely off work spent with my family and I can’t wait! 


A huge clean and then a gorgeous dog walk in the woods near our house. During this time I’ve definitely been taking more in and appreciating what we have much more. Isabelle and Max were pleased to finish their school work today as its now the ‘Easter holidays’. Personally I’m a bit concerned they’ll get bored with not as much to do but luckily Max’s Karate club are starting online classes this week which will give him something to focus on and Isabelle is going to teach herself to sew better and learn how to do gel nails with the new kit I’ve bought her. We’ve also managed to get some flour at last so we can do some baking. We had another quiz night for the parents of my pupils tonight and we had a fantastic turn out and a great response. It’s nice to have something to put makeup on for and dress up slightly more. A lovely snuggle with Isabelle watching ‘Sister Act’ & ‘Jaws 2’ (oldies but goodies) finished off my day perfectly. 


I very rarely get a day off in my job so I’m enjoying and making the most of free Saturday’s whilst we’re in isolation. Today’s just been a nice easy day pottering about and getting jobs done in the house. Tony put Max’s trampoline up so he was happy for the day, we finally found flour in the shops so Isabelle baked a delicious cake & then we all enjoyed a family games night with my parents and my brother and his family. Another film night with Isabelle was lovely. With running my own business I barely got any maternity leave with either of my children so I’m treating this as the maternity leave I never had. Yes I know 15 & 12 is a bit old for maternity leave but they’ll remember this time more and we’re definitely making the most of it. 


Today has been a beautiful day and I had a gorgeous walk with Dora. Tony’s been busy all day painting and laying a new floor in our garage that we’ve converted into our office which is looking great. It’s an opportunity to get jobs around the house done that have been on the ‘to do’ list for months and have a good clear out. After our Sunday dinner we had our weekly quiz with our close friends and then me and two of the girls stayed on for a good catch up over a wine afterwards. Technology is just amazing, as little as 10 years ago we’d have been so much more cut off from everyone. 

So, we’ve done another week in Lockdown, a few dips but overall I think we’ve done well and have settled into a rhythm now. I feel like we’re making the most of this time, spending quality time together and doing new things. It’s hard no doubt, but we’re in a much better position than so many others and I’m extremely grateful for what I’ve got. We’ve all got a long way to go yet and it’s driving me mad that some people are still not taking it seriously. Until we all stay at home and comply by the rules we will not get rid of this virus. #stayhomesavelives 

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