Bad news this morning as our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taken into intensive care as his Coronavirus worsens proving it affects absolutely anyone. So why are people still ignoring the warnings and going out?? Some of the photographs of hundreds of people sunbathing in London Parks ignoring all social distancing rules over the weekend were disgusting with people acting like its a holiday. I fully acknowledge how difficult it must be for people living in small flats with no outdoor space but, the longer people don’t comply the longer we’ll be like this and more and more people will lose their lives. It has been a lovely day weather wise today and it’s lovely to have the door open and let the fresh air in. It’s technically the Easter holidays now so Isabelle and Max don’t have any school work. I’m a bit concerned about this as I’m worried that this is when the boredom will kick in, but, they’re both pretty motivated and are filling their days with lots of activities. Thank god for the new trampoline as Max has been on it most of the day and has mastered a clean front flip and has almost got a back flip which is his aim. It’s good exercise for him and he’s out in the fresh air too which is good for him. The 3 of us took Dora for our hour long walk as Tony worked and every day I appreciate where we live more and more. I got lots of sorting out done today filing paperwork & putting things back in the office after Tony painted and re floored it. A big de clutter of paperwork felt great and the room’s looking good. One thing I’m really loving is sitting down to dinner as a family every night and cooking much more. As I work evenings and the kids are so busy with hobbies we often only eat together on a Sunday so I’m loving this family time. 


The weather has been glorious today so I did my class plans outside whilst watching Max on the trampoline! I enjoyed my walk with Dora and switched off listening to a podcast along the way. It’s just a nice calming hour and I love taking in the fresh air and appreciating the beautiful scenery around me. I adore Spring normally and I love to see the spring flowers blooming and the lambs in the fields. I’m also enjoying daily Yoga sessions which are wonderful for keeping your mind calm and body energised. I’m keeping up with the news but trying not to watch too much of it as it can be quite depressing at times but it’s important to know what’s going on & watch it in moderation. I know a lot of people are suffering with anxiety throughout this and I fear that will get worse and worse for many. I’ve struggled myself with anxiety in the past but, although I have days where I get very sad about the current situation, keeping busy and occupied along with regular exercise and talking to people is definitely key. 


I feel really guilty today as its Tony’s birthday which isn’t the best in lockdown. I’d booked us all tickets to see ‘Back to the Future’ the musical and a meal at The Alchemist before hand. Anyway, we ordered a new, much needed, TV which arrived today so at least he had a new toy to play with!!!! My Zoom classes went well with lots of hard work from my students! Bless them, they’re doing so well under such difficult circumstances. Lovely face times calls with my gorgeous family tonight made me happy & sad. I’m missing my parents so so much but this evening it’s really hit me. 


A full day of teaching online classes today and I’m exhausted! It’s emotionally quite draining seeing all my students working so hard and yet I can’t be there with them! A cold G&T and a film night with my Belle made everything better. We were out at 8pm to clap for our amazing NHS. What an outstanding job they’re doing. Their work and dedication is just second to none. 


Isabelle and I should be on a train to London this morning for two days away, drinks at The Shard, a meal at The Ivy and watching the show ‘Waitress’. The Barkers are, however, staying in good spirits and we’ve got lots done around the house. I’m quite a positive and motivated person which is definitely standing me in good stead in this difficult time as I know some people are really struggling. I’ve re blitzed the house, cooked some nice meals and sorted all my paperwork I. Our newly done out office and I finished the day hosting a quiz for over 30 families who’s children attend my school and they loved it so I’m feeling quite positive. To finish the night, Tony & I started watching ‘The Stranger’ which was fabulous so I can’t wait to continue it tomorrow. 


The weather has once again been glorious which is wonderful BUT I’m praying people are staying at home and not using the Easter weekend as an excuse to abuse the rules and go out. We have to stay home, we are losing almost 1,000 people per day in the UK at the moment which is horrifying. Another gorgeous walk and another day that I’m so grateful for where we live. I can’t help but worry for the people who are living in one bedroom apartments with no outdoor space, people who live alone and children with abusive parents or people with abusive partners. I do fear there will be so many more consequences from this than just this awful virus and I also fear that the effects of it will last for many months if not years to come. I am however feeling very positive myself and, apart from the odd inevitable blip, my family are doing great and I’m so proud of them all. Today we should have been on a train home from London this morning and ready to pick Max up from a week away skiing in Italy this evening. It’s gutting to miss it but, looking on the bright side, I would have been a nervous wreck all week with my baby in another country. I’m not going to lie, the prosecco has flowed well today, oh well! It is Easter after all!!!


Easter Sunday! Usually one of my favourite days of the year. Who could of imagined last Easter that in a years time this would be happening? Sadly, in the early hours of this morning my Great Auntie passed away in the early hours of this morning. She did contract the virus but her body had given up anyway and she was ready to go bless her. It makes you look back and reflect about your past and more than anything this and the current situation is making me appreciate life and every day we have. I definitely need to make a few changes when things return and more family time is a priority. We had a lovely family walk today although with it being Easter Sunday quite a few people were out and it made it a bit less enjoyable trying to avoid people for the whole walk. I made a fantastic Lamb dinner (if I do say so myself) which I always cook on Easter Sunday. We missed the family being there a lot but we face timed everyone which helped. We’re enjoying our weekly Sunday quiz night with our friends and then after enjoying binge watching The Stranger we binge watched Safe which was another great 8 part series. 

So that’s week 3 over! I’m proud of us, we’re staying very motivated and getting lots done but there are tough moments too as there are for everyone. I’ve had to limit how often I watch the news but still making sure we’re up to date on everything that is going on. This week saw our Prime Minister Boris Johnstone in intensive care with the virus. Luckily he came through it but it shows that no one is exempt. We must #stayhome & #staysafe.Much love xx 

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