Easter Monday & I’ve had quite a relaxing day today. The weather’s been a bit cooler so I’ve got lots of jobs around the house done. We were going to have a BBQ but it’s not quite warm enough so we had an indoor BBQ instead.
Isabelle has had her sewing machine out and had decided to improve her skills by putting them to good use sewing wash bags for The NHS workers to put their scrubs in to wash after a shift. I’m proud of her doing such a good thing for our amazing NHS.
One of my graduate students who was performing on the West End in the musical Mamma Mia last year took some online West End inspired workshops for my students today also which was fantastic. It makes me so proud when past students are so loyal and stay connected to our school and my current students absolutely loved her classes.
A cosy evening watching some good TV dramas finished off a different, but nice non-the-less, Easter weekend nicely.

Back to class planning again today ready for tomorrow’s classes plus Max & I made some delicious banana & chocolate muffins whilst Isabelle made more wash bags.
Bonus when an Amazon delivery arrived containing a root touch up dye amongst other things!! ?? Not vital, not important and I would never normally use a box dye but sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel better!!!!!
Another lovely dog walk in the fresh air and a sort out of my to do list for the coming week and I feel more refreshed and more organised. I have to feel organised to function!!!!!

I woke up completely stressed today worrying about my online classes and completely doubting myself. Ive no idea why as I’ve had nothing but amazing feedback but I feel a bit emotionally drained by it all today. It’s physically much harder work teaching online but I’m really missing the interaction with all my lovely students and it’s just not the same. Anyway, I sucked it up and got on with it and I had almost full attendance in all my classes which is amazing compared to a lot of other dance teachers I know who are losing students every day. So far my students and parents have been so supportive and loyal, I just hope it lasts.

Another day of teaching but I felt much better today. The classes went really well and the attendance was outstanding so I feel really happy.
A gorgeous dog walk with Dora & my boy Max which was lovely as we had a great chat and watched the sun set. He’s 12 and growing up every day but he’ll always be my baby boy and I’m so proud of how he’s dealing with all of this.
8pm and we always clap for the NHS & all the other key workers who are doing the most remarkable job. What would we do without these outstanding people?
3 more weeks of lockdown had been announced but I’m not surprised and I’m actually glad, there’s no way we’re ready to go back to normal yet with so many people still getting ill.
PJ’s and Masterchef with a lovely glass of rose and I can look forward to a few days off now. I’m hoping it’s as sunny tomorrow as it was today so I can enjoy a bit of sun on my face.

A chilled yet productive day today, I did the quiz ready for this evening, cleaned the house, did a root touch up on my hair, went for a walk, spoke to my mum, made dinner, did the laundry and finished it all with a well deserved G&T!!!!
I love productive days and I love it when the house is fully cleaned and tidy with my candles burning. It feels homely and I feel like I’m taking care of my family.
I was hoping to have a bit of a lie in the sun today but typically, it was glorious yesterday when I was working but it’s been much cooler today. Fingers crossed for the weekend!!
The quiz for my pupils & parents went really well and it’s nice to be able to give an hour of fun to people each week.

I was up half the night with a bad cough last night, I don’t feel ill so I’m hoping it’s nothing more serious but your mind works overtime at times like these with so many people being taken ill. No sunshine in sight today so I had a bit of a lazy day doing puzzles and watching a drama series on TV. It’s very rare I do that so I’m not going to feel guilty for not doing anything for once.
Tony’s shopping trip didn’t take quite as long today thank goodness. It’s good to know people are calming down with their food shopping and not stockpiling as much.
After a zoom quiz with my mum, dad, brother, sister in law and nephews our chilled day was finished off with a movie night complete with popcorn, pizzas, hot dogs and chips! It’s been nice to relax a bit today but I want to be a bit more productive tomorrow.

To say we’ve not been out for a month now it’s quite surprising how quickly the days and weeks are going. I’ve had a couple of flat days this week as we all have but its only natural and I think most people are the same. But after a flat day you wake up the next day and pick yourself up again. I never stop reminding myself how lucky we are compared to so many other people.
Tomorrow Isabelle and Max return to getting schoolwork and I’m glad as it gives them some some structure and routine back which is good. I also need to get back to my fitness regime starting with the Joe Wicks workout tomorrow morning.
So, a lovely family Sunday roast and a quiz with friends and that brings us to the end of week 4. Tomorrow is the start of a new week and we’ll see what it brings. We’ve definitely got 3 more weeks of this but I suspect it will be quite a bit longer. Much as I want to see my family and for life to get back to normal I don’t want us to rush back until it is completely safe.
Stay well everyone & stay safe!
Lots of love
Zoe x

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