Another Monday and the start of another week in isolation! Today the kids school work re commenced much to their annoyance but I’m glad as it brings some structure back into their lives.
Not a bad day overall but today suddenly feels like we’ve been in this situation for so long now without an end in sight.
Max had a bit of a bad night last night and got himself a bit upset and worked up which isn’t like him. I think it hit him that school was re starting but without seeing his mates and doing all the things he normally does in his full, happy life. It hits us all at different times and last night was his turn. He was ok today though and got on with his school work really well.
I am loving having more time to cook and eat as a family I must admit and my daily walk whilst listening to a podcast is something I really look forward to. I never stop appreciating where we live and all that we have compared to so many others.
The mini greenhouse I ordered arrived today so my new hobby is going to attempt to grow some vegetables and herbs! God how middle aged do I sound!!!

A busy day planning all this weeks classes for my pupils today and lots of work for when we eventually return to the studios.
I’ve not felt very well for the last few days as I’ve had a really bad cough and I’ve just felt exhausted. Tony and my mum think I’ve probably got a mild strain of the virus, I just need my energy back.

Back to online Zoom teaching today! It’s really not easy and very tiring but at least it gives me contact with my lovely students, a few years ago this would never have been possible so I’m very grateful and the support I’ve had has been amazing. It’s certainly not time off though as I’m spending almost every day planning classes, teaching and thinking up new daily challenges and activities for them all. My aim is to keep as many kids as possible moving, motivated and happy as their mental health is the most important thing at the moment.
The classes went well and the attendance was really good once again, I just wish I felt a bit better.

I’ve spend half of this morning in tears watching the hero that is Captain Tom receive a Pride of Britain Award and get to Number 1 in the UK charts. Wow! What an inspiration he is, this is a terrible and testing time for everyone but he will be the lasting legacy of this time. People like him and all the Key Workers are doing
a remarkable job and I hope the awards ceremonies next year recognise these true heros and not actors and footballers who earn a fortune already. Don’t get me wrong, entertainment and sport are vitally important for people’s leisure and entertainment but we do need to recognise these hard working people who certainly don’t get paid anywhere near enough for the amazing work they do.
I’m feeling so much better today, I’m still coughing but my energy is improving and I feel much better in myself.
I’ve really enjoyed classes tonight, I’ve had 100% attendance in almost all my classes and they’ve all worked so so hard so I’m feeling really happy!
8pm and we all clap for the NHS every week which is very important. I love how everyone comes together to do this although some on London Bridge last week all looked far too close to each other. There’s still some people not fully abiding by the rules which is a big worry.

Cleaning, cooking, laundry, and planting my vegetables seeds for my new mini greenhouse!! I’m no Alan Titchmarsh but I’m determined to grow a few bits and pieces from scratch whilst I have the time and I’ve really enjoyed doing it. The weather has been glorious which makes everything so much better and my daily dog walks with Dora are a joy! I love listening to a podcast on the way which is my bit of ‘me time’ to switch off and zone out for a while.
We’re still doing a weekly online Pub Quiz for my students and their parents each week which is going down well and I’m enjoying doing it. It’s amazing how many skills we’re all gaining at this time, Isabelle is sewing, baking, cooking, editing videos, cross stitching, doing gel nails, along with regular singing and dancing lessons online. Max is also enjoying his Karate lessons online and it gives them a routine along with their school work.

I’ve loved today, the sun has been shining all day and I started with a lovely morning Yoga session followed by a fabulous surprise afternoon tea platter being delivered from a lovely friend which was just delicious. The kids and myself then popped round to see my mum & dad briefly from a distance to take their shopping which was lovely as Tony usually does it and it’s the first time I’ve seen then. It certainly brightened us and them up seeing them in the flesh even though we couldn’t give them a hug.
We then had some delicious delivery of Fish & Chips for tea which was divine and a real treat followed by online family Bingo with my parents, brother, sister in law and nephews which was fun.
Max went online with his mates and Isabelle and I finished the day off watching ‘Sex & the City’ the movie as we had a foot spa, pedicure and manicures.
Today’s been such a lovely day!

I woke up quite early and as Tony went to Morrisons to buy me some more compost I did an online arm workout followed by Yoga and then 30 minutes on my cross trainer. I feel so much better when I’ve had a morning workout and I need to make it even more regular now.
I then decided to treat us all and my brother, Kate and nephews by ordering us some Dixons Ice Cream to be delivered to our houses as a nice surprise for them. Dixons is Huddersfield based and is the best ice cream ever!! It’s also very nostalgic for me and my brother remembering waiting for the Ice Cream Van as kids. It went down a bomb with my lot and them,
Isabelle and Max did their weekly online Lego club for their little cousins as I started the Sunday Roast.
The weather is starting to break and sadly it’s supposed tom rain next week.
A delicious tea followed by a fantastic quiz with friends finished off what has been the best weekend in lockdown so far and I feel truly blessed!

So that’s the end of week 5 which is astonishing really. It’s actually flying by and I do feel we’re making the most of every minute.

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