I’ve decided I’m going to carry on this Lockdown diary for another couple of weeks then stop when I finish work for my summer break. I’m so glad I decided to log it all down as there’s been so many memories and emotions during it all. 

Isabelle was back in school today. She’s not particularly enjoying it as there’s not many people in school and only a couple of her friends are there on the same day as her, but I still think it’s good that she’s going in and will make the transition easier in September so she can get straight back on with her work. After school she went to Meadowhall shopping with a friend so she enjoyed that a lot, what teenage girls don’t like to shop with their friends?

I had a nice day at home writing then we had drinks with some friends in the evening.


A really productive day class planning and planning my last few weeks of working online along with plans for when we return to the studios. Max got lots of school work done today, he’s been much more settled and productive this past week which is lovely. We’ve had an e mail to say he can go in to school for 1 day before the end of term to see teachers & friends to prepare them for going back in September. 1 day is not ideal but it’s better than nothing and he’ll at least see everyone and get a feel for how it’s going to be in September.

Isabelle & I had our nightly fix of ‘Downton Abbey’, I watched & loved it the first time round and as they’re re playing it from Series 1 I’ve introduced Isabelle to it and she adores it. We love our hour watching it together each day.


July! Day 100! Wow!

I can’t quite believe we’ve been in lockdown for a third of the year now! It’s crazy. I’m actually surprised how quick it’s gone really.

Luckily my day teaching wasn’t as hot as last week. I’d like the nice weather to return but this cooler weather is much better when we’re dancing at home. Still no news as to when we can re open but I’ve decided I will be doing the next 5 weeks online up to the end of July, a much needed break in August and also time in the studios to set them up for everyone returning in September. I just hope to goodness we don’t have a second spike in Autumn just as we all get back and the kids get back to school.

We’ve had some beautiful rainbow rosettes made with our logo and lockdown 2020 on them which we’ve posted out to all of our students today. I can’t wait for them to get receive them.


Tough day, teaching via Zoom is not easy and seems to be getting harder as it’s getting towards the end of term and the weather is getting too warm to dance at home. I’ve really had enough of all this now, it’s tough!!!!! A big cry made me feel a bit better, I’m not feeling sorry for myself, I know so so many people have it much harder than I do but we all need a cry now and again!!!! Today’s been a long day! Time to switch off from work for a bit and time for a bit of self care for once.


My first day shopping properly, not far, just to The Range & Next at our local retail park and, very boringly I only bought cleaning products, I’ve no idea why!!!! But, it was nice to be out feeling normal and doing normal things. It feels quite strange though and some shops seem far stricter on their social distancing rules than others.

After 15 weeks tonight we did our last Friday quiz for the families of pupils in my school, they’ve been really successful and we’ve had so much support but as lockdown rules are easing and people are starting to do more it feels like the right time to finish therm.

And now I’m looking forward to a lovely weekend ahead.


Independence day for the USA and now independence day for the UK as pubs and hairdressers are allowed to open again today. I just hope to goodness people act responsibly I really do or everything we have done will have been in vain.

Cleaning the house all day ready for friends coming tomorrow then we had an amazing evening at my best friends mums 70th birthday gathering at their house. It was so lovely so see a few people we’ve not seen for a while and enjoy another night with my gorgeous best friend. It also feels so nice to get dressed up to go out again properly after all this time.

Slowly but surely some parts of life are starting to get back to the new normal. Not the same as before and it wont be the same for a long time but we’re hopefully moving in the right direction.


A lovely restful morning then getting the house ready for some close friends coming round in the afternoon. I’ve had a rosy glow (& a headache) all day after such a lovely evening yesterday.

Another lovely day with fab friends. Along with another surprise gift delivery to my door from another of my beautiful pupils I’m feeling very blessed!

So week 15 is over & really it’s not lockdown any more but it’s still not normality, well it’s definitely not for me as my business is still being run online. Not for too much longer now I hope though!

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