So week 6 began with a morning Jo Wicks workout. We Facetime with my brother and his family each day and do the workout together which a nice way of contacting daily and keeps us motivated.
The kids were then back on with their schoolwork, Max very reluctantly!
I’ve just had a day pottering about the house doing the ironing, cooking and tidying. There’s a quote doing the rounds at the moment saying ‘cleaning the house with everyone in it all the time is like cleaning your teeth whilst eating oreos’ which is so true!!!
Despite the terrible sadness surrounding this time, this slower pace of life has definitely got to be doing us all good in so many ways as life had become so fast pace it was losing meaning. I’m praying a bit more normality restarts again soon of course, but I’m definitely going to be making some life changes as this time with my husband and children has been precious. Lockdown has also made me appreciate what I have so much more and you learn to slow down and appreciate the smaller things too. At the end of the day, all that really matters is your loved ones, their happiness and spending quality time together.

Sadly the sun has gone in and it’s been much cooler today. I really hope the better weather returns as it makes things so much easier & nicer when the weather is good. That said, I am hoping that with it not being as warm some of the arrogant, ignorant people, who’ve been treating it like an ongoing bank holiday, might not be tempted to go out as much. It makes my blood boil that some people are STILL not taking it seriously despite our horrendous death toll.
I gave the kids an hour off their school work this morning to help me film a video for my Theatre School. We’ve seen a few pass the toilet roll videos but I wanted to do it a bit differently so we did pass the dance shoe video. I was thrilled how many of my students took part and delighted with the end result. Then most of the day has been spent working and class planning for this weeks classes.
a big highlight of this time for me is being able to sit and eat meals as a family every evening. I’m usually working most evenings and the kids are always busy with hobbies so Sunday dinner together is sacred. Having this kind of time together is absolutely priceless.

A full day of online teaching today and it’s gone really well, again the attendance has been great and I’m amazed at how well they’ve all taken to it. Of course all kids have up and down days, their little minds are working overtime, but I’m proud of all my pupils and beyond proud of how my own kids are coping with it all, they’ve been amazing so far.

Another full day of teaching online and again I’m delighted and feeling extremely proud. I asked my Tiny Tots & Pre Schoolers to come dressed in bright colours like the NHS rainbow and they all looked fantastic!
I am however exhausted as teaching online is not easy and extremely exhausting!
A nice relaxing evening enjoying a bubble bath whilst watching my favourite YouTuber Lydia Ellise Millen and a much needed glass of wine definitely helped!!

How is it May? The whole of April in lockdown which, for me, has gone really fast. There’s not really an end in sight but we have to keep doing what we’re doing to get rid of this horrific virus.
I love Fridays, it’s my Homemaking day, cleaning, vaccing, tidying, cooking, and making the house lovely for the weekend and taking care of my family. I’ve had my candles on all day and the house smells fabulous. I’ve also been busy creating another quiz for my schools weekly quiz night that Tony & I host.
We had a fun evening meal tonight. I’ve had a Scandinavian Racklette Grill for years that we’ve never got around to using so what better time to get it out than Lockdown?!! The kids absolutely loved cooking their food at the table and it was a big success. I’m all about new experiences and this period is a perfect time to do things you don’t usually get time to do.
I’m so glad it’s Saturday tomorrow for Tony more than anything. I know the days are blending into each other for most people but Tony, like many others, is working long hours at home in our office so he’s looking forward to a couple of free days to spend with the kids and doing jobs around the house. We both love a project and getting things done.

A lovely surprise delivery of a homemade afternoon tea arrived this morning from my lovely sister-in-law and nephews. It’s these little moments that matter so much at these times and I loved it. A quiz night with them and my parents later on was lovely and so nice to see all their faces.
An unusual evening followed as I was asked to be a guest on my friends weekly live fundraising Facebook show. I’m not a naturally confident person even though I can make it look like I am but teaching on Zoom for the last few weeks has really improved my confidence and I really loved being interviewed live rather than being nervous! I’m loving all the new skills I’m gaining & improving on during this period. It was also really nice to get fully dressed up for once.

Today was probably the laziest day I’ve had since lockdown began but for once I refuse to feel guilty about it. I did do a big morning workout but then I enjoyed a day of binge watching an entire box set. I always have to be busy and productive but if you can’t relax a bit during this period when can you? Self care is important too. I’ve also been loving daily online yoga. I’m finding it fantastic for my body and mind and it’s something I will be continuing.
Our weekly quiz with friends finished the week and week 5 has come to an end.
It’s a terrible time for the world but I’m determined to make the most of this precious time with my family and gain as much from the experience as possible.

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