Week 7, wow! How did we get here already? There’s so many different stories flying around about lockdown being lifted and how we’re going to deal with going back to normal when it does, but in truth everyone needs to stop speculating and wait until the official announcements are made.
I personally don’t think we’re anywhere near ready yet as I know some people will completely abuse it and will not abide by social distancing rules and the thought of a second wave really scares me.
There’s also talk that Year 10 will be one of the first to go back to school, possibly in June. Isabelle is Year 10 and, much as I’d love her to be able for her to get back to her proper school work and her friends I’d feel very uncomfortable with her going back so soon.
There’s so much up in the air and so many other dance teachers I know are panicking about not been able to return for a long time. I personally don’t think we’ll be allowed back until September as it’s almost impossible to social distance in a dance studio, especially with very young ones. There’s absolutely no point getting stressed about it though as firstly what will be will be and we have to do as we’re told and secondly we’re all in exactly the same boat.

Bit of a blah day today! Nothing was wrong at all it was just a bit of a ‘nothing’ day. I got lots of class planning done though and did well with my exercising so it certainly wasn’t a right off.
I’m really proud of the kids throughout this. So many parents are saying their kids are having bad days, not motivated, meltdowns etc which is all perfectly normal and totally understandable but apart from a tiny bit at the beginning Isabelle and Max are doing absolutely brilliantly.
I finished the day off with a lovely Zoom catch up with 2 of my close friends which was lovely.

Today on Zoom has been a nightmare as my internet wasn’t good and it kept freezing during my classes. The joys of teaching online! It improved as the night went on but it’s not easy. Wine was needed this evening and a ‘Corrie’ catch up made everything ok!!!

Another full day teaching and now I’ve got a few days off. It’s bank holiday weekend for VE Day but I’m praying people abide by the rules and stay home, especially as the weather is supposed to be good.
I’ve ordered us a new BBQ which is arriving tomorrow so a bit of sun would be lovely so we can have a few ‘al fresco’ meals plus I’m looking forward to some walks this weekend.
We clapped for the NHS & key workers again tonight, I love that everyone still does it every week, these people are just wonderful humans.

What a lovely day! I started off feeling a bit stressed doing the food shopping in Morrisons. The queuing system to go in is good but then inside it’s just a free for all and many people weren’t even considering social distancing. I immediately felt better once I got back home though but, in my very humble opinion, we are no where near ready to come out of lockdown yet.
The weather has been absolutely glorious and the kids, Dora & I had a lovely walk as Tony put our new BBQ together!
Today was VE day marking 75 Years and there have been some beautiful programmes on TV to celebrate. I adore watching footage of this era and the camaraderie was wonderful to see. It’s made me very nostalgic thinking of my Grandparents. They always said, however bad it was it was also one of the best times too and their memories of this period were vast.
No big celebrations this year sadly but we had a lovely BBQ together and it was so nice to get some sun and fresh air.

We’ve decided to do a family ‘Come Dine With Me’ over the next 4 Saturdays and tonight, the first one, was my turn. It’s good to do different things and I just want to create as many memories as possible for us all during this time. This seemed a fun idea plus the kids are really looking forward to planning their own nights which is great.
I chose to do a Murder Mystery Evening and sent off for a kit which luckily arrived on time.
I spent most of the day preparing the meal but it was worth it and we had a great evening. Everyone threw themselves into it and it was a great night.

Wow these weeks are actually flying by! Today I enjoyed a lovely easy Sunday watching TV, watering my vegetables, cooking dinner and a quiz with friends.
But then Boris’s speech came and it’s left us all feeling very confused as many parts of it sounded so confused and unclear.
So as we move into Week 8 we’re staying as we are for the time being as I don’t feel it’s safe enough to do anything else right now!

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