Due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in I have decided to write a daily blog about a day in the life of what my family alongside every other family in the UK is going through at this very time in all our lives. None of us have ever experienced anything like this before and we, like everyone else, is taking it one day at a time and praying we return to normal very soon. I’ll be posting it on my blog weekly every Saturday. 


It’s been a tough couple of days as on Thursday I had to close down my business, a Theatre School, until further notice. I teach children from the age of 2-18 and I said I would stay open as long as schools stayed open to try and keep a bit of normality in the kids lives. However this week I’ve been getting more and more concerned and felt I needed to close sooner. Then the announcement came that schools would be closing on Friday so the decision was made for me. So on Thursday 19th March 2020 I closed my doors amid many tears from my students, not knowing when we would be back. I also now have the added worry about my finances as I’m self employed. I’m extremely lucky to have a lot of very supportive parents but that can only go sonar when so many are in the same position as me. To try and offer my students as much as possible whilst we’re not there I spent all day today at the studios with just two students filming lots of classes that I can share with my students to do at home to keep them moving and keep their spirits up as much as possible knowing what a tough time they have ahead. It’s been a really positive day and I’m really proud at what we achieved. Isabelle filmed the classes all day and then spent all evening editing them. She’s made me very proud today. I spent the evening putting a plan of action and a schedule in place for my own children and our family for the next few weeks. I love to be super organised and I want to make sure we make the most of this time. The huge bonus for me is that as I’m usually so busy being a mum & wife along with running a business it will be nice just to have lots of time for Isabelle and Max. Max seems upbeat but a little anxious. 12 is still only young & I can tell he’s worrying underneath. He must have told me he loves me a hundred times today bless his beautiful, kind heart. 

DAY 2 – SUNDAY 22ND MARCHMothers Day

Not quite the lovely Mothers Day we had planned and it feels very sad today. My lovely lot spoilt me with breakfast in bed, flowers, cards and gifts which was lovely. I’m really worrying about my own mum and went round to see her and my dad very briefly at lunchtime. We stayed far apart and I didn’t stay long. It felt very sad leaving as I knew we’d have to just manage with FaceTime for the unforeseeable future. My mum seemed very sad, not seeing all of us and my brother, his wife and 2 boys will be a huge struggle for her but there’s so many families in far worse situations than us and I’m so grateful for what we have. After setting Max’s new basket ball hoop up and making a Sunday Roast I had a mini melt down as, whilst Tony was uploading all the videos we’d spent hours on the computer completely crashed and I was convinced we’d lost them all. I felt like a total failure as a teacher and I did get upset. I think most people will have a day when it hits them and today, after a tough few days, it really hit me. A few too many rose wines probably didn’t help either!!! Not a perfect Mothers Day but then nothing’s perfect right now and we’re all just trying to make sense of it somehow. 


I woke up and put my positive pants on today!!!! It’s been the first day of home schooling today and I’m so proud of my two kids and how it’s gone. Along with nearly all the rest of the country Max and I started our day doing PE with Joe Wicks as Isabelle went out for a run. Exercising first thing is good to wake up the body and get motivated. We did it whilst FaceTiming my brother James & Kate and their young boys Jack and Ned which made it really fun. Isabelle and Max got straight on with their school work and I took our dog Dora for a lovely walk in the sunshine then blitzed the house until we broke for lunch. After lunch they carried on working and I put all my plans into action for keeping my business running online. I’ve got so many activities and daily challenges planned to keep my students active & motivated over the coming weeks. After an afternoon of schoolwork they both finished ready for a bit of free time. Isabelle got me doing a 30 minute circuit and I’m already feeling it in my body. I’m determined to get really fit during this time. Max enjoyed some fresh air playing basketball and then did his own workout. He’s desperate for a 6 pack!! Tony had to go in to work one last time to get his computer fixed then he’ll be working from home. Luckily he found all my videos on the computer so I could post them on my schools Facebook page! Panic over! We all had tea then the kids had some down time doing whatever they wanted. I’m so proud of how mature and motivate they’ve been today. I hope it last! Then the announcement came that we were in Lockdown! I’m actually glad as so many people haven’t been taking it seriously and ignoring advice to stay at home. As soon as pubs and restaurants closed people in their thousands just moved on to parks, beaches and beauty spots acting like it was a bank holiday weekend and teenagers hanging out in huge groups like it was the start of the summer holidays not the world crisis that is is. What is wrong with some people?!  Making the most of the soaps tonight as they’ve all stopped filming from today so they’ll be stopping soon too!! How will I cope without my Corrie fix?!!! 


We all woke up ready to face the day again. Perhaps not quite as enthusiastically as yesterday but we were still fairly motivated.
Another 9am online PE with Joe Wicks class completed (I can barely walk) by Max & I and a run for Isabelle got us all moving again and outside the weather was beautiful. 
The kids were great at getting on with their school work and I continued my huge spring clean after taking Dora out for a walk. 
Tony had to go into his work early to get his computer fixed but he was back by 12 ready to work from home from now onwards. We all had lunch then back to work.
With not being able to run my dance studio I have been posting many things for my students to do online including the pre recorded videos, activities and a daily challenge which today was Tik Tok Tuesday for which we got a fabulous response. However, I’ve been panicking that all this won’t be enough if we’re in this situation for a long time and, in order to keep my business running somehow I feel like I need to offer online classes. So I’ve installed Zoom and tomorrow I’m having a few trial lessons with pupils ready to start the classes next week. It’s not great as some won’t have enough space and I won’t be able to see them well enough to correct them but it’s the best we can do right now. 
I’ve felt a little anxious today as I’m trying to continually offer things to my students but my main priority is my own kids and trying to keep them as positive as I can. 
Max was struggling a bit more today than yesterday and I know he’s going to struggle not going to Karate, Swimming and climbing along with not seeing his mates but all kids are in the same boat. Our trampoline that Max loved, broke in the recent storms we had but I’ve managed to find a new one today that at the moment can still deliver so I’ve ordered it and hope to goodness it arrives as it will be good for Max to burn off a bit more energy. 
Isabelle had a great FaceTime session with her school friends and taught them a fitness class online in our back garden. I loved hearing her and her friends laughing together but it broke my heart a bit. Kids shouldn’t have to be going through this, they should be living life and having fun. 
I’ve felt extremely angry today too that some people STILL aren’t taking it seriously enough and people are turning up in their hundreds in parks and on beaches and still panic buying. It’s infuriating how arrogant and ignorant some people are. 
There are many good things to appreciate in all this though, such as all sitting down to dinner together on an evening, lots of old fashioned family time and the chance to slow down a little. 
The weather is making it much easier at the moment but it’s due to change at the weekend which I’m not looking forward to. 
Isabelle got a bit upset tonight! She’s a teenage girl who’s emotions are high anyway plus she’s also worried about missing all this school work and not seeing her friends. It’s not a great situation by any means but it will make us appreciate so much more when we go back to normal. 
So, we’ve survived another day in isolation though and I’m determined to keep our house as positive as possible whilst ensuring the kids know that it’s ok to be upset and angry from time to time and to let it out and talk to us about it. 


We woke up today to glorious sunshine which certainly makes everything much easier. The PE with Joe is going down really well in a morning and it really makes you energised and ready to face the day. We even got Tony joining in today. Once Tony is working and the kids have started their school work I’m really enjoying a long walk (practicing social distancing of course) with Dora to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful part of Yorkshire with country side views all around us which has been a god send at this awful time. I’ve kept busy all day with jobs around the house and posting lots of activities for my students on line. Today’s activity was the 30 day plank challenge which we’re all joining in with too. I did my first class via Zoom today and it went really well in preparation for my online classes starting next week. Not perfect, not ideal but it’s the best we’ve got right now so I’ll make it work. Isabelle has been fantastic today staying motivated and getting lots done plus keeping in contact with her friends constantly. I’m thrilled that she’s got her sewing machine back out to start practicing on it again. Another G&T was needed tonight but I need to be more careful next week that I’m not pouring myself a glass every night which is easy to do! I’m usually out most evenings working and it’s actually been really nice having some family nights in. I’m determined to make the most of every minute as, although it’s an awful situation, we won’t get this quality time with our families back again. 


The weather has been absolutely glorious today and I had a lovely long walk with Dora after our morning workout. Max was struggling a bit to get motivated today so I said if they worked hard up to lunch they could have the afternoon off and make the most of this gorgeous weather as its not supposed to last into next week. FaceTime sessions daily with my parents & my brother and his family are helping a lot and lots of What’s app groups with my different groups of friends are definitely keeping spirits up. Sarah, who is my Co Principal, and I have had a few practice Zoom sessions today to practice for our classes next week and it’s working well. Daily plank challenge, workouts, house cleaning and sorting, Dog walks, constant work on my school Facebook page and planning, cleaning, basketball, cooking, catching up on TV programmes, reading etc, it’s all going on!! After tea tonight at 8pm was absolutely beautiful. Standing on our balcony and clapping along with our whole street for al, the outstanding NHS staff. It made me emotional and extremely proud. What a job they’re doing. 


A tricky day for Max today, I think everyone has a day where it hits us. He couldn’t focus on his school work which is understandable and hasn’t wanted to go on his X-Box all week which is unheard of. Normally I’m trying to get him off it but now I’m wanting him to go on it to keep him connected with his friends. Girls find that sort of thing easier, Isabelle’s been on FaceTime constantly with her friends when she’s not doing school work or working out which I want her to be, teenagers should be out having fun with their mates not stuck in with their boring parents!! Max got a bit upset but I think it did it good to get it out of his system and he came around as the day went on. After they’d finished their school work Isabelle got on with her fitness work out and Max cooked dinner – with my supervision. I’m using this time to teach my kids as many life skills as possible and tonight it’s cooking for Max. He made us all a fantastic spaghetti bolognaise! I’d planned a Zoom pub quiz with my school for this evening and lots of the parents were joining in. I went and got dressed properly and put some makeup on to feel normal which was lovely. My only rule for the quiz was that we all had a much needed glass of something alcoholic in hand!It went down a storm, I’m so glad I did it. What a great stay connected and it was lovely to see their faces. I’ve arranged to do another one with some friends on Sunday evening too.A full school week done! The important thing for me was that we all get up at the normal time every morning, wash, dress, make the beds and have breakfast before we start work to keep us motivated but the kids are definitely looking forward to a bit of a lie in tomorrow. 
Our first week in isolation done. Not easy but we’re getting into our own rhythm and learning to accept our ‘new normal’. 

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